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Coming Up For Air – 5 Tips For Deeper Breathing This Summer

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Plumbing the Depths Like 007

Daniel Craig as James Bond and Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt are two of my favourite action movie characters. (Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is my other, btw). In both Casino Royale and in the latest Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation, there are two drowning scenes that are full-on awful to watch because they’re so brilliantly realistic in portraying the horrifying moment when drowning becomes an inevitability for Vesper and Ethan when they begin to inhale water. (more…)

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Did you know that it’s possible to be addicted to exercise? In fact, exercise dependence is widely recognised as a form of compulsive behavioural addiction – a psychological state that is damaging to physical, mental and social health.

The basic principle of establishing whether you’re addicted to exercise, or not, (or to what extent), is to answer a series of questions which pumps out an overall score of your psycological state.

*Google: exercise dependence and HAD test.