The Bothy Sessions

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Each of the four pieces will be accompanied by a blog article to provide a little more substance to the spoken-word style of the films. You can read these here

The Bothy Sessions: a conversation on mental health for the Church

Part I: Prelude
Part II: Brain Chemicals
Part III: Jesus Sojourn 
Part IV: Dissolution of Denomination 

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Part I: Prelude


Part II: Brain Chemicals

Part III: Jesus Sojourn

Part IV: Dissolution of Denomination


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The Project’s Journey

Back in April 2018, we stumbled over a book by Johann Hari called Lost Connections. It took us several months to properly conceive, write and plan the content as well as making a vital connection with the outstanding Todd Weller.

Hari’s excellent book is a shocking exposé of the spurious credibility of anti-depressant medication and the dangerous implications of them for our wider psycho-social health.

But it doesn’t go far enough.


Mairi and I are sufficiently concerned about these findings to deliberately go after a wider conversation about anti-depressants and how Hari’s book is a wake-up call not only for society at large but also the sleepy Church.

We’re calling these conversations The Bothy Sessions.

Original Idea Blossoming



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