A Call for the U.K. to Repent

Repentance is the Blessing

“Satan means to lure the Church onto the hook of a false dichotomy: choose blessing or repentance. Yahweh means to save the Church, with the kindness of both.”

Nick Franks
Please listen to The Viral Distraction of the ‘UK Blessing’

How will further national disaster be averted?

Every king & queen, every powerful parliament & prime minister, must repent & seek the mercy of God

I encourage you to listen to this podcast which really does capture the heart & mind of God.”

Peter Timms, Chair of Trustees, Red Hill Centre

We ask You now, please lead the Body of Christ, every single congregation, every church door throughout the land of Great Britain, through every county & village & town, & find a willingness to stop.”

Nick Franks (January 4th, 2020)

Redeeming Radicalisation in the Kingdom of God