The Stormy Seas of Counterfeit Love & Counterfeit Lovers

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Mairi and I have taken a few days holiday following the Jesus Fields gathering last week.

En route to Arran, it became obvious that the fake love camp have continued to stir their various slander-pots in the hope of discouraging the anointed of the LORD – the true lovers of Love.

So, before I introduce our response in VLOG form, have a look at these images from the top of Goat Fell yesterday afternoon. He is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever.

Remember these images the next time you hear the counterfeit heretics banging their right wing drums. Isn’t the very notion of a God bending His word to our cultural sensitivities and pet fancies completely sick? 🤮

Please watch the VLOG below (after photos) and consider sharing via your social channels.


Jesus Fields 18

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We’ve just come back from the first Jesus Fields summer gathering! It was the kind of encounter with the living God that leaves you speechless and in need of several weeks to actually process what happened.

The highlight of the week was the Thursday evening when we had a discussion panel with several high-quality leaders. The subject in question was the Church – “where are we at? and where are we heading?”

It was holy ground and I’ll blog more over the summer.

Until then, some photos:  (more…)

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No Compromise

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I’m currently reading Tom Wright’s brilliant biography on the Apostle Paul. I’m also currently reading “No Compromise” by Melody Green – the life story of her late husband Keith Green.

Books separated by 45 years of church history and current affairs, they are dissimilar in many ways but, at their beating heart, are actually more alike than they’re not.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to take a chapter from Wright and a song from Green and blog about the essential nature of these two men used mightily of God, though in different ways and at different times.

Keith Green, like the radical Jim Elliot, died tragically at the age of 28. I’m now 38 and so have already had an extra decade more on the planet than did these two fine brothers.

Like Paul, for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21) and, convinced of my fruitful labour for the progress and joy in the faith of others, (Philippians 1:25), I too will remain and become even more undignified than this as I learn to love as I should, singing and proclaiming unto Christ a ‘new devotion’

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The Bothy Sessions: update

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A very exciting collaborative team, including quality film-makers and screen-writers, have now gathered around this project.

We paused on the filming of The Bothy Sessions a couple of weeks ago sensing that there was more in the Lord’s heart about this than just a cool book review/response.

There’s a much-needed, wider conversation about the unique mental health challenges for the Christian, and this is now going to be shot in early August 2018. It’s a humbling undertaking.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, please drop me a line with any questions and – for a little taster – here’s a little more context for you:

The Heart of a Sojourner – the mental health of a Christian