Each & Every Way

All follicles of hair and each nuancing of name, every intricacy of life, by Him alone are made.

Each alveolied lung, all lashes of the eye, each peculiarity of smile, by Him alone designed.

Every deliberating brain and all thinking of the mind, each step along the Way, with Him alone refined.

All broken bones again and every sinewed length of frame, each muscle grouping strained, by Him alone remade.

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What We Say About Jesus

We are living at an hour in church history where, once again, what the Church says about Jesus is being increasingly scrutinised.

To put it another way, we are living at a pivotal moment of importance in which God is forcing the Bride to face squarely in the eye what it is that we say about what God says about Himself.

What we say about what God says about God is of preeminent importance, not a triviality or ‘slight’ regarding which we can merely, “agree to disagree”. This is manifestly not Christian unity and we should expect nothing but chaos and infidelity where this is the rational order of the day.

Calling a brother or sister to explain their teaching, especially when it strays from critically important doctrine, is not slight.

Please do not believe the lie that Jesus does not want His people to have clarity on doctrine, nor that He views you as being “judgemental” if you ask questions and firmly insist that ambiguity is not acceptable. This is what the devil pedals and he has limited strategy.

Matthew 7:3-5 has context and that context is the hypocrisy of the unbelieving Pharisees who didn’t know, or intend to know, the Beloved Messiah.

By stark contrast today, the ardent longing of a lovesick Bride preparing for her Bridegroom King will yearn for “all truth” (John 16:13) and will strongly insist on details of faithfulness.

Asleep in a Boat (lullaby)

We have experienced a stormy start to 2021 but the Lord is so kind. This song dropped into my heart in less than ten minutes during the roughest part last week. (Lyrics in video).

If you would like to help us take this song into a studio to produce with a band, any gifts are gratefully received here: https://firebrandnotes.com/give/