The Great Evangelical Disaster

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Quite often I struggle to pray. Much like, I suspect, a soldier who struggles to sleep adequately in a sodden trench, the activity that I desire the most can routinely prove the most elusive.

This is not coincidental. Satan constantly opposes the prayers of the righteous, perhaps especially the prayers of those who are sincerely earnest. But we must resist the devil and he will flee. Our Father knows our struggle perfectly.

Although it is true that the glory to be revealed to us will infinitely dwarf any of our suffering now, it is also true that the daily life of a faithful Christian solider is uniquely exhausting, discouraging, confusing and sometimes profoundly depressing.

We are not of this world though we are in it; we are aliens and foreigners looking forward to the city that has foundations whose designer and builder is God, (Hebrews 11:10).

Our home is not here and neither is our citizenship.

A man who understood this more than most is Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984) who, for us all today, is a voice from the grave, a grave that one day soon will be emptied of its bones.

Schaeffer was born twelve years after the death of J. C Ryle who had no choice but to defrock his first-born son from a position of leadership in the Church of England, such was the tentacle reach of liberal theology even into his own family. There is no way that Ryle would remain within the Church of England today. He was too strong for that, too desirous of God. Spirit is always thicker than blood.

To be sure, The Great Evangelical Disaster (Schaeffer’s final book published in 1985 shortly after his passing) is a prophetic foghorn that still reverberates today, one that had been resounding as a trumpet from Ryle one generation before.

At the time of its publishing, I was five years old and learning to spell my name; Mairi was yet to be born.

I read Schaeffer’s warning to the Church in just a couple of short hours while my parched heart gulped deeply. What follows from me now is a brief series of thoughts that reflect the photographs of key excerpts of the book that I took with my iPhone as I read.

Before I get into that, I will include here the last four paragraphs from the book’s foreword, written by Schaeffer’s son-in-law, Ranald Macaulay:

Four Decades On

Nearly four decades on from the publishing of The Great Evangelical Disaster, I can not say strongly enough how eerily correct Francis Schaeffer was and yet, at the same time, how only partial his prophetic vision proves. (I will return to this at the end).

It is also the case that I have no idea how partial what I am about to write may be four more decades from now.

What I want to say is that all of us have inherited the blinding mess that Ryle and Schaeffer had forecast; most Christians, and especially most Christian leaders, did not listen. If you are in that category reading now, you must repent.

As with Schaeffer and Ryle and many other good, godly men gifted with courage and radical vision, some people accuse me of being a false prophet (people who are unwilling or incapable of reading what I have written or listening to what I have said). Others say that I am a ‘law unto myself’, implying that I am not fit for church leadership or collaboration because I am lacking in character.

However, please pay heed: the time-frame between these kind of prophetic books being written (e.g. Clifford Hill’s Towards the Dawn written in 1980) and their time-proven legitimacy being recognised more widely, can be just like a wilderness wandering – ie. four disobedient, dilly-dallying, arrogant decades of wilful church unbelief.

As a related reality that Ryle and Schaeffer addressed decades ago, you can also read an email that I wrote to a false church leader earlier this week, imploring her to repent for the sake of her salvation as well as every other harassed and helpless soul in her building.

But as we will shortly see, this counterfeit spiritual leader is not necessarily any worse than the high-profile “evangelical” brother today who evidently wants only to ‘expel the immoral brother’ (yours truly) because his conscience is conscripted away from what used to be known as the evangelical Church. Because I (and many other fine fellows) refuse to compromise on biblical standards, (matters pertaining to truth), some brothers attempt to mark me as false, as loathing the church, as harming her…as being out of touch with the heart of God.

As I will shortly show you, this blinkered blindness from some quarters of what is currently understood to be the Church, is diagnosed by Schaeffer in extremely sobering terms: holiness without love is neither one or the other and the unsaved world have the right to question the salvation of anyone who lacks either.

The connection between Schaeffer’s 1985 book, four rebellious decades in the Church since, the letter to a false church leader in 2022 and Baptist celebrities who think their articles in Crossway will save them, will hopefully become clear.


Before I give you my main observations from Schaeffer’s book as a rubber-stamping of its prophetic validity, please let me first draw your attention to the third to last word of Macaulay’s foreword: engulf.

What is it to be engulfed – what does this word mean?

Buildings engulfed by the ocean because of deteriorating climate change (or, perhaps, just a freak tsunami)? Engulfed by a strong spiritual delusion sent by God? Whole landscapes engulfed by thirsty flames? Spiritual discernment engulfed by a species of spiritual pride and arrogance hidden by evangelical professionalism?

Whatever, the thought of being engulfed by anything or anyone means being taken over, submerged, overwhelmed and, ultimately, ruined.

The equivalent language that we have used to describe the chaos of the Church (our corporate lostness in a denominational maze) can be seen here.

Calling YESHUA (2021)

We are describing exactly the same problem as Ryle and Schaeffer, just separated (and worsened) by more than forty years: we have all been engulfed in the collapse and disintegration of evangelicalism; we have all been overwhelmed by spiritual unfaithfulness to the Word of God; we have all been submerged in a spiritual climate so pervasively false that we literally can not see the route forward.

Which is why national repentance that disrupts/closes everything, is the only way forward. Anything else is only delaying the inevitability of the sinking.

But, of course, we have sunk; we have been engulfed; as Melvin Tinker said, the West has been lost. Most of us can not see the wood for the trees and yet still want to reject those who can.

This is what Macaulay was meaning as he warned us, forty years ago, about becoming engulfed.

This is the reality that I write from now: we are not being engulfed, or being lost; we are engulfed, the exact reason why fathers like Ashenden and Nazir-Ali acquiesce to Catholicism. And it is acquiescence, despite the protests.

The Draft (2020)

Noteworthy Excerpts

Now to the photos of the book that I took as I read. I’ll quote them and then briefly comment on each.

Photo/quote 1

What is the use of evangelicalism seeming to get larger and larger if sufficient numbers of those under the name evangelical no longer hold to that which makes evangelicalism evangelical? If this continues, we are not faithful to what the Bible claims for itself, and we are not faithful to what Jesus Christ claims for the Scriptures. But also – let us never forget – if this continues, we and our children will not be ready for difficult days ahead.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 64

Evangelical professionals are infatuated with numbers and allow them to paper over the colossal cracks of our abject failings to simply believe – and obey practically – the Word of God. We have inherited an engulfing capitulation and have passed on the very same.

Photo/quote 2

Some said: this is not the moment to come out, but we will do so if such-and-such occurs. These in principle did not accept the concept of a pluralistic church. Some developed their own kind of hardness – a decision to stay in, no matter what happened.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 78

We generally refuse to think/pray/listen radically enough to conceive of a new way forward. We love the cop out; we love church buildings more than God. Which is why the unfaithfulness towards Him doesn’t cut our hearts as it should. Some believers will remain within compromised churches until the day they die.

Photo/quote 3

I do not believe, however, that those who made the choice to stay in “no matter what happens” can escape latitudinarian mentality. They will struggle to paper over the difference regarding Scripture so as to keep an external veneer of evangelical unity – when indeed today there is no unity at that crucial point of Scripture.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 78

Latitudinarian mentality = accommodating compromise concerning the authority of the Bible as demonstrated, (perhaps preeminently), by evangelical majority silence about the ongoing evil of abortion.

Photo/quote 4

If we are to talk truth at all, we must have content on the basis of antithesis; and to do this, we must have discipline with regard to those who depart from the historic Christian faith.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 82

Church discipline today is 1) not “super-cool” enough for church leaders who should be exercising it and 2) misunderstood by those who do: we either have a neglect of the word of God or else a total abuse of it (ie liberalism or legalistic pride scuppering the Kingdom of God).

Photo/quote 5

For it was the failure of evangelicals fifty years ago to practice discipline and maintain control of the denominational centres of influence – in colleges and seminaries, in publishing, and in the organisational structures – which allowed the liberals to take control.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 89

Our evangelical fathers in the past, primarily in the churches but also in wider society, have badly dropped the ball and didn’t bother to pick it up again for the sons who would flounder on their coattails.

Photo/quote 6

The matter of human life is a good case in point. “I am personally against abortion, but…” – (with any number of qualifications then added) – this became the mediating phrase not only of Christians in government, but also of many in the pulpit and in publications as well.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 101

Our evangelical fathers lacked the courage in the face of ramping evil so that now the sons do not even see the evil…let alone feel it.

Photo/quote 7

I have dwelt at length on this because it is an absolutely crucial point. To deny the truth of what it means to be male and female as taught in the Scriptures is to deny something essential about the nature of man and about the character of God in relationship with man. But this denial has equally tragic consequences for society and human life. If we accept the idea of equality without distinction, we logically must accept the ideas of abortion and homosexuality.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 136

Schaeffer understood that the exact danger of liberal biblical theology was as much relating to church leadership/governance as it was the biology of our children. Today, Elim/Vineyard churches, as just two examples, want female elders but “disagree” notionally with abortion and transgenderism. However, they can not have their cake and eat it. But the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ very much is having your cake and eating it! We settle for a very poor religion indeed.

Photo/quote 8

We must give a practical demonstration of love in the midst of the differences. But at the same time God’s truth and the work of Christ’s church both insist that truth demands loving confrontation, but confrontation. The differences are already there in the evangelical world, and trying to cover them over is neither faithfulness to truth nor faithfulness to love. There are three possible positions: 1) unloving confrontation 2) no confrontation 3) loving confrontation. Only the third is biblical.

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 143

The Mark of the Christian

Schaeffer then includes an appendix at the end of the book which, as far as I can tell, is an excerpt from one of his others.

Under the title, “The Mark of the Christian”, Schaeffer concludes this prophetic warning and clarion call (to the radicals he is addressing) by emphasising the most elementary part of what it means to be in Christ – namely that the love with which each of us loves one another, as brothers and sisters in Christ, is intended to act as a sign-post for the unsaved world.

A signpost to what (to whom?).

To God!

Soberingly, (and he very much means to sober), Schaeffer rightly argues from Jesus’ words in John 13 and 17 that unbelievers have the right to challenge a Christian’s salvation if they do not love their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is how important this moral imperative is both to confront and to confront lovingly.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this piece today.

Schaeffer’s warning to the evangelical Church was generally rejected (as most prophetic warnings are) and yet it is still valuable today, such is the mercy of God.

But the passage of time since Schaeffer (not to mention Ryle) is not without consequence, and eternally so. Our father’s wilful disregard for the palpably obvious (the horrors of abortion since 1967), means that there has been a compounding of the problem.

It wasn’t the job of Ryle or Schaeffer to write about this.

Returning to the beginning and Macaulay’s use of the word engulf, think of the layers of silt that build up on a shipwreck (or a sunken submarine) engulfed by the sea and the decades of concealment that pass:- is the ship not permanently altered? Is that which was once salvageable always salvagable henceforward?


And this is where, in my opinion, Schaeffer and Ryle couldn’t see beyond the boundaries and span of their God-ordained lives (Acts 17:26).

What didn’t they see? Humbly I would submit that they didn’t see that it was denominationalism that was/is at the root of this evangelical disintegration and capitulation to liberal theology, the hole in the bow, the ingress of water.

This is why I believe that a high-profile “reformed Baptist pastor/professor” today can be as wide of the mark of biblical truth as those who brazenly espouse liberal theology. His unloving contempt for a brother in Christ, because of a ‘failure’ to conform to the biblical standard of “church membership”, highlights the very fault line of the curious form of Christian faith that he resolutely defends. This is not incidental. According to Schaeffer, it is everything (please read the book for yourself).


Because blinkered Baptists (or any churchmen governed more by the constitutions of men than the Bible they espouse) are not seeing the Kingdom of God (the heart of Christ) in the midst of their entrenched denominational conditioning.

When a brother overlooks the longing of another brother for the return of Christ because he is not able to attend a local church because he is engulfed in the utter demise of evangelicalism, (labelling it ‘dangerous’ and ‘unteachable’ rather than seeing it as the circumstance of modern-day persecution) we are seeing that the fall of evangelicalism is less to do with a core set of doctrinal beliefs (and it is at least that) but it is, more fundamentally, an idolatrous penchant with the Church above Christ Himself.

The “evangelical” idolatry of the local church (seen perhaps most by the likes of Crossway’s conveyor belt of stunted church writings and Reformed celebrities) means that pastors today would rather we were all in compromised congregations rather than pioneering a new way forward.

Ironically, this is against the very bread and butter of their (our!) 16th C. Reformation, but they can not see it. Crossway can not see it. Good professors of eschatology etc. can not see it.

Hence, I believe that Schaeffer et al. saw some of the terrible roots of the Great Evangelical Disaster, (that still need uprooting today) but not the most intimidating and most rotten root of all…ie. our ecumenical unwillingness to face the idol that is our splintered denominations.

Multiple Fronts

The devil never gives us the luxury of fighting on only one front, and this will always be the case…

The Great Evangelical Disaster, page 150

Hence today, those radicals that Schaeffer and Ryle (and Tinker) were thinking of on their death beds need to understand this: to be faithful to the heart of Christ and, therefore, the Bible today, you will need to fight as a radical Christian solider on multiple fronts including not only “progressive” charlatans and counterfeits who falsely claim love for God, but also against those who are genuinely fathers and brothers in the evangelical faith but who are dangerously bent on rejecting, in horrendous pride and stupidity, the very prophetic foghorn that they need to hear.

We must prepare. We are engulfed. Christ is coming.

An Email to a False Church Leader

Dear False Church Leader,

You may choose to forward this email to your fellows and/or to Police Scotland spun as being hate speech, but I urge you to read every word because within it is a prophetic word to you from the coming Lord Jesus Christ.

I am now going to assume that you have chosen to reject the genuine offer of dialogue that I have come to you with in recent weeks as you have been celebrating “pride”.

While you are clearly interpreting our recent presence outside your building as sinister, please let me remind you that I have offered conversation in genuine goodwill with genuine motive only to be true to the God that we both save we love and serve. I have even offered that to be at your venue, on a day other than Sunday, so that it is convenient and as relaxed as possible.

Please don’t so cruelly condemn my heart in this by claiming this is with ill intent.

You have stereotyped my wife and I as “abusive conservative Christians” who cause trauma and mental illness in people under your care, all the while teaching the same people under your care a gospel contrary to the one the Lord Jesus Christ Himself preached. You have even accused my invitation of dialogue with you as an attempt to bully you personally, all the while ignoring the fact that members of your own congregation have been verbally abusive to us in worse ways even than you are accusing us of! (And yet I still offer dialogue, even today).

We have been outside your building not, as you claim, to protest about that which you are doing as much as to proclaim that which, as a self-confessing Christian, you should also be doing.

What about our mental health? What about our experiences of vitriol as a result of being obedient to the gospel that you say you love and proclaim?

Your double-standard is gross but only in keeping with the false gospel you teach.

I am fully aware of the damage that the kinds of Christians/churches/denominations have done to many folk of many walks of life (and still do today, hence the booklet attached). But, intellectually, it is very shallow of you indeed to simply lump Mairi and I in with a convenient stereotype like this so as to do away with the challenge that, before God, I am compelled to bring to you:

You claim that I am being “destructive to the gospel” and yet you have made no effort whatsoever to explain how you would even begin to claim that. Do you have any biblical stand-point at all? Are you able to explain this? 

Have you written a blog or recorded a vlog so, perhaps, I could look at that?

Your congregant who abused us verbally three weeks ago believes that Jesus is living in his pet dog and in the seagulls in the sky…and you can sleep at night?

Your half-gospel is only “He loves you” which is literally no gospel at all. But if you are a true disciple of Christ yourself, you are compelled to preach the first word of the message of salvation which, as you should know, is “Repent!”.

“Go and sin no more…” said Christ, yes?

If it was good enough for Jesus it is good enough for you.

From the brief conversation we had together, I discern that you genuinely know this but have chosen the ‘easier path’ under the guise of being “more loving”. Only you know why you have opted for this path that is clearly without biblical foundation. (Unless you have a foundation other than the Bible – in which case you are not yet a Christian?). 

These are all questions for you to pray and ponder over, as you say you have been. But, as you pray and ponder, know again that the truth is that you are not being more loving. 

Where you would portray us as being ‘destructive’ to the gospel (and, presumably, therefore, hateful), we are actually trying to help you to see (at great personal cost) what love truly is. 

Only God sets the terms for His love; no man or woman can do that.

Love is not love; God (alone) is love.

You are preaching a false gospel, leading people astray with eternal consequence, while claiming that you are loving them, and you expect people like us to say nothing?

You expect the Lord to say nothing?

Well, hear the word of the Lord to you today:

Your foes have roared in the midst of your meeting place;
they set up their own signs for signs.
They were like those who swing axes
in a forest of trees.
And all its carved wood
they broke down with hatchets and hammers.
They set your sanctuary on fire;
they profaned the dwelling place of your name,
bringing it down to the ground.
They said to themselves, “We will utterly subdue them”;
they burned all the meeting places of God in the land.

Psalm 74:4-8 (ESV)

Just like in Jeremiah’s day, you offer salutations of peace but I know that there is no peace in your heart. (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11). This issue of what is the true gospel and what is a false gospel is a matter of profound spiritual war and I am calling you and your fellows out as being false.

The battle does not belong to me or to you or to any of the other “abusive” Christian leaders that you think I emulate; the battle belongs to the LORD God almighty.

You have been given an olive branch here but you currently reject it portraying it falsely as a serpent.

I implore you to repent of your counterfeit gospel, your counterfeit leadership, your sin, and cry out to the coming King of glory for mercy. 

The most sobering truth here is that this is as relevant for the people in your care as it is for yourself personally.

Matthew 9:36:

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”


Nick Franks

The Path Home

Dear All,

There are places we call home. This is where I called home for over 20 years of my life. It is a place in which the prophetic calling on my life to proclaim Jesus’ cross and coming was conceived…and rejected.

“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” (C. S. Lewis)

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Chapter 1: His Very Heart

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A Reading of Isaiah


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Isaiah 36-39

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Are You Ananias & Sapphira?

To begin with, a very genuine and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for whom what I am about to write is not relevant: Thank you for your contact, your love and your support. If we are arrested we’ll let you know.

You can listen to the podcast version of this blog here.

I have a very simple thought for you this morning and I hope that you will receive it, reflect on it in humility and prayer and, if needs be, in repentance.

When was the last time you were genuinely concerned that you might be visited by the police as a consequence of your responsibility as a witness of Jesus Christ? When was the last time you had felt the need to rehearse what it is that you would say to police officers were they to knock on your front door and ask to come in?

When was the last time that you felt the need for a brother and sister in Christ to get off their bottom and truly engage with you?

In recent months, the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives has resulted in our own repentance and coming out of hiding. He has led us from the closeted concealment run-of-the-mill, (in which we rarely shared our faith), to local notoriety fanned into flame by the anti-Christ.

It has been for us like finding and following a scarlet thread, buried by centuries of church apathy and disuse. One step has led to another…

Repent Now; He Loves You – creatively & furiously defaced

Following the publication of our gospel booklets earlier this year, inspired by the prolific gospel-witness of J C Ryle, it has been for us like finding and following a scarlet thread, buried by centuries of church apathy and disuse. One step has led to another and now we are taking a 7-ft cross out not only into Edinburgh’s streets in a generic way, but, much more specifically, to target false christianity, wicked mosques (that falsely claim love for Jesus) and the crème de la crème of fake christians and false christian leaders (who do exactly the same).

Target with what? The witness of Jesus Christ, the only way of salvation! (Acts 4:12).

Islamic Lies & deceits in central Edinburgh

To think that there wouldn’t be a lash back to this kind of reviving, awakening gospel activity, one that is cloaked in the pride of man but inspired by the rage of Satan, is utterly short-sighted and ridiculous.

Which leads me very briefly to the first five chapters of the book of Acts, the new-born Church – the ekklesia – and the terrorising fear of the Lord Himself.

We prefer the absence of fear and trembling over the presence of His power.

In my experience as a Christian leader, biblical study and teaching is often dishonoured by the masses of Christians who listen (for example, we recently finished a 20-month teaching series through 1 Corinthians and heard back from virtually no-one – ie virtually no-one from tens of thousands of people who listened).

What’s more, Christian digital content generally, (blogs like this, videos, publications etc.) and even specific calls to action and spiritual/financial support, are often met with…wilfully deaf ears.

Stuffy ears pervert the kingdom cause.

Don’t get me wrong: some of us don’t respond or engage because we’re not sure how to in technological terms; in that sense it very much is the thought and prayer that counts.

But I would chance my arm in banking on the fact that the great majority don’t engage (nor break their own cover) because we simply don’t want to…our personal preference is simply that we would prefer not to. We prefer the absence of fear and trembling over the presence of His power. We are governed more by the commonly accepted selfishness of our own lives than we are motivated by the expansive, expanding and forcefully advancing Kingdom of God. We want the Messianic rest of Matthew 11 but not the spiritual violence that the Messiah commends.

Ananias and Sapphira were killed by the angel of the Lord for harbouring this kind of selfish attitude that attempted to deceive the precious Holy Spirit, (Acts 5:9). This very same otherworldly fear (strange terror) of the Lord Jesus is very sorely missing from our personal and collective minds today.

I will anonymously share that just this week I was witness to one of the most shocking and disturbing displays of intensely conditioned selfishness, (from a mature, seasoned Christian), that I have ever seen in my life: personal convenience and agenda, including outright refusal to miss a game of tennis on the TV or a lukewarm meeting at a church, was more important to this person than an opportunity to meet up with dear people, in person, who they say they love and value and haven’t seen in many years.

In a similar way that Ananias and Sapphira (and perhaps the wider church community) were tempted to think that the selling of a property and the withholding of monies for the apostolic mission wasn’t that big a deal, today we very commonly think that our lack of generosity, kindness and basic effort with one another doesn’t seriously grieve the heart of God.

It does.

In the book of Acts, the Lord actually killed disciples for selfishness and lies; today, Wimbledon is more important to us than the Kingdom of God and we talk jovially of “meeting up next decade instead”.

It’s disgusting and it’s very sick.

My point is this: whether you are a weekly imbiber of costly, quality Christian teaching (online or in person) and never so much as reach out to make contact with the teacher; whether you are an insatiable YouTube viewer but never bother so much as to like a video, comment or share it (and hence monopolise YouTube’s algorithm); whether you are a disciple who is more bothered about your own larder and shire and peace and quiet than you are the literal destiny of Middle Earth and each and every one of its citizens, we are grieving the Lord and inhibiting the Holy Spirit’s work in His Body.

In Acts 5 (and other chapters of the same book) we see a rapidly intensifying spiritual culture in which sharing the news of the resurrection of Jesus resulted routinely in imprisonment, alienation, torture and death. The church prayed as a church should and their prayers were answered. (Read Acts 12).

Today in the Western church, we can not even be arsed to turn off the TV. Keith Green was right,

Jesus rose from the grave and you can’t even get out of bed.

Keith Green

Please prayerfully reflect on how it is that you are personally engaging with the work of the Lord Jesus, the cause of His Name in your immediate and wider locality and the reality of the coming of a King from a very different kingdom.

When I don’t have any confidence in a YouTube being supported, a teaching series honoured or a MailChimp being courteously respected, what hope is there of support when the police come knocking?

How is the Lord expecting you to behave and conduct your affairs in a way that you would simply rather not?

How is it that you are obstructing the ministry of the Holy Spirit?

Personally speaking, when I don’t have any confidence in a YouTube being supported, a teaching series honoured or a MailChimp being courteously respected, what hope is there of support when the police come knocking?

The church need a proverbial rocket up their proverbial derrière that they generally can not be arsed getting up from.

Therefore produce fruit worthy of repentance.

Jesus Christ


Your Thoughts of God Are Too Human

This 20 min video explains what is probably the most important theological thought that will help you to both:

1) Correct false christians/churches
2) Rebuke false religions and
3) Encourage true disciples of Jesus

Your Thoughts of God Are Too Human

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The Context of the Power

I hope you’ll watch this video below, share on to your networks and be encouraged by considering the unique relationship between the fear of man and the power of God. 

Yesterday, my friend and I stood outside a false church in Edinburgh in bold defiance of the anti-Christ “gospel” that they proclaim.

While a celebration of “pride” unfolded inside, as women with pushchairs and beards, self-harming scars and gender dysphoria arrived through the doors, as homosexual “Christians” dismissed the gospel of repentance with confidence, sickened by the thought of Jesus while boldly claiming knowledge of God, the gospel thundered

As hundreds of lost people passed by with questions and fears, as young men burdened by mental illness and recent mental asylums in Europe, as groups of lads buoyed by strong masculine presence on the streets, as drunkards proclaimed our psychosis, Jesus was honoured.

I’m in the process of writing a second book and follow-up to Body Zero. that will powerfully explain what has happened in our discipleship following Jesus as we made the brave decision nearly three years ago to say “No more!” to comprised churches and fake gospels.

The quagmire of “business as usual” is the devil’s delight.

What Am I learning?

Our post-pandemic world is presenting us with an unparalleled opportunity but it is a two-fold opportunity easily missed: People are more willing to hear about Jesus than we might think; people are angrier at God than we are prepared to face.

The fields are truly white unto harvest and we must acknowledge that He is commanding His workers to be out busy in them.

Are you going to continue in a lukewarm, local church context? What’s keeping you? Evangelism and witnessing by proxy?

The quagmire of “business as usual” is the devil’s delight.

The fear of man is an appalling snare. Rarely is there the power of God without the context of fear and trembling – this was Paul’s exact context when he arrived in Corinth.

Make a Cross & Take Jesus to People

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (in the video below) is beautiful but with it’s own very dark history and anti-Christ present. What will I desire more: the absence of fear and trembling or to see the Holy Spirit save lost men, women and children in His Presence and Power?

This is the choice of our lives that will ripple throughout eternity.

I challenge you to make a 7ft cross and take it out into you own parish and high streets, rebuking the work of darkness and heralding the soon return of the Lord of Glory.

There is no witnessing by proxy.

You can buy very sharp gospel tracts here.

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