Stealing Our Confidence

Welcome to Episode #1 of “To the Church in Great Britain” that premiers on YouTube tonight at 9pm.

This week we’ll meet everyone involved in this series, (some more briefly than others), and begin to think about some of the striking and subtle ways that Christianity Today’s ‘Rise and Fall of Mars Hill’ and the BBC’s ‘End of Days’ confuses our church landscape.

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English Bishops Converting to Catholicism ⚔️

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I am compelled to offer this brief response to yesterday’s news that Michael Nazir-Ali has converted to Catholicism and that he could be ordained in the Catholic Church as soon as next month.

Following Gavin Ashenden’s conversion to Catholicism in recent years, this news perhaps doesn’t come as such a huge surprise.

(I interview Nazir-Ali and Ashenden over on YouTube to provide more nuance, especially in conversation with Gavin).

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COVID-19: But Aren’t Other Meds Also Wrong Then? ⛑


Thank you once again for listening to Into the Pray.

In a couple of weeks we welcome Alisa Childers to the podcast, so please look out for that.

Our mid-week session this week sees Nick and Dave picking up a question that has been quite commonly asked in the last few months:

If we take a stand regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, won’t that mean that we also have to take a similar stand regarding a wide range of other medications?

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Wasn’t Ravi Enough?


Welcome to our new vlog/video series that starts this evening over on YouTube. Entitled, ‘To The Church In Great Britain’, you can subscribe to see the videos here and watch the premier here.

For a few months now, we have wanted to compare and contrast two very popular podcast series with a view of holding high and aloft the reality that Paul thunders in 2 Corinthians 2:11, that we should not be ‘unaware of the devil’s schemes’.

By focusing on Christianity Today’s podcast series, The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill, and the BBC’s secular podcast examination of the Waco tragedy in February 1993, End of Days, there are certainly schemes to note and historic lessons to learn. 

But are these the schemes and strategies and lessons that we might think strike us as being obvious? We believe that there are more nefarious schemes of Satan hidden beneath the surface.

Join us over the next few months as we showcase probing questions to (and honest responses from) church leaders across Great Britain.

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Why is Jordan Peterson Correct?


Thank you all for watching Into the Pray.

In our Wednesday session this week, Nick and Dave continue to discuss the intimate interconnectedness of abortion and transgender ideology.

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Intimidated by Transgenderism?

Hello! (Apologies for some of the tech issues with cameras in this episode)

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Today’s episode contains ten minutes of audio from a Facebook LIVE video in which Dave Brennan speaks with Laurie Penny at Trafalgar Square regarding abortion and related feminist/transgender ideologies.

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Can We Be Politically & Prophetically Correct?


Welcome again to Into the Pray – thank you for listening. 

Today we speak with The Rt Hon. Ann Widdecombe, ex-MP, ex-MEP, political commentator, author and TV personality. You can browse Ann’s website here.

It was nearer the beginning of the COVID situation that we spoke with Ann previously. You can listen to that here and watch it on YouTube here

This brief conversation (Premiering on YouTube at 9pm tonight) regarding Ann’s vast experience in the political world is to help us continue to think about our season focus of ‘All the Prophets’ and the prospect of being “politically correct or prophetically correct?”

We didn’t do Isaiah justice today but Ann does help us think about his life and the role of the Prophets generally. We discuss the relationship between the monarchy and the Spirit of prophecy and the frailty of relying on the establishment. 

In what might feel like quite a dreary outlook regarding the prospect of the power of the Spirit in our midst,  the most significant thought from Ann is right at the end. 

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Revelation 19:10[b])

What do you think? 

Many thanks again to Ann for her time in recording with us!

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If Not Catholics Then Who Are We?


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This final episode in our focus on contraception (LIVE tonight at 9pm) is a very helpful look at Scripture to enable us all to continue to think carefully and biblically about the things that we say we believe. Thanks as ever to Dave Brennan of Brephos for joining us each week.

Next week don’t miss our preview of what’s to come in our Wednesday sessions over the next 3 months before we finish season 4. We will be talking about transgender ideology, predestination, intercession and activism as well as posing some difficult questions for all of us as we survey the general landscape of the Church.

You can listen to the podcast version of this week’s conversation here.

In a couple of weeks from now we meet again with Ann Widdecombe regarding the life of Isaiah and next month we have Christopher Ash helping us with our season series on “All the Prophets”. Author of umpteen books, including one of our faves, Bible Delight, Christopher is something of an authority on the Psalms. 

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