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The Glorious Few (2023)

This is history through a microscope:

Jesus Christ was The Firebrand that set the entire world on fire. He walked on Earth and called Himself God, sparking a myriad of burning followers as He went.

After thirty three years on Earth, Jesus was literally nailed to a Roman cross. Then, three days after that, as the only Hope of mankind, He literally walked out of a Jewish tomb.

The sum of Christ’s words, and every single one of them, don’t allow room for the notion of Him being only a Prophet or a Spiritual Leader – for this, death wouldn’t have been warranted.

Rather, Jesus embodied a message so radical that it ripped apart all the religiously traditional and powerlessly hypocritical ways of trying to know and love God. This is why the earth shook, why humanity balked and why creation groans today.

Jesus is the Light on the horizon of your darkest night

You should know that God isn’t after a perfect heart to make willing; He is after a willing heart to make perfect. Someone should tell you that nothing is more important to Jesus than the *reach* of your heart toward loving Him, even in your hesitancy, doubt and weakness.

“Life is a growing response to the command of God in Matthew 22 to love Him with our everything”

So, Firebrand Notes is designed to provoke and inspire embers of supernatural love for God, so that we would all love Him as we should.

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In your own words, simply talk to Jesus Christ – confess your need of him, believe in your heart that He lived, died and rose again, according to the Bible, that the shedding of His blood covers all your sin and brings you into fully restored, brand-new relationship with Him. Now…tell someone!

Redeeming Radicalisation in the Kingdom of God
Lamentations 2:11-19