Church, is your conscience not conscripted?

What people say

This is the message that needs to be shared as the traditional Church system is shaking and crumbling, and the sons of God are about to come forth to reveal Christ to the world. God bless you all and open doors for opportunities to get this Word out quickly! 

Donna Nefferdorf

As His Disciples, are we operating as effectively as we can? As His Body, are we aiming for all that He asks of us? As His Bride, are we prepared for what is about to come? If you answered no to any or all these questions, then you would agree that the Church needs to STOP with business as usual.

Seamus Bannon

A Manifesto of Preparation

What people say

Have you ever read something that caused you to weep? To weep both bitter and sweet tears because the very thing you are reading is exactly what God has been saying to your heart for years?

Richard Henry

If there ever was a word or message for church at this point in history, this is it! Franks succinctly articulates what growing numbers of true believers have been sensing and thinking.

Tolly Owens

Mental Health & Faith

A series of films hosting a conversation for the Church on anxiety & depression

My Heart Notes Bible Studies

Sick of Facebook?

Discipleship & Facebook aren’t compatible; we need to prepare together in another place.

The JesusCome! community app will be available in October 2020…

A Podcast to Breach the Chaos of the Church

When the Trustworthy Are Not (feat. Steve Buckley) Into the Pray

In this week’s episode of Into the Pray, we talk again with friend and compadre, Steve Buckley. Everything we say is with David’s prayer of Psalm 139 firmly in mind. – What do we do, and how do we prayerfully process, when other believers whom we have trusted prove themselves not to be trustworthy?- What of misdemeanours and cover-ups? What of organisational complicity? – What of the spirit of gentleness (Galatians 6:1) articulating with the Spirit’s fiery yearning inside (James 4:5)?- What do we then say when those we have considered worthy of trust are proven not to be? What we say is important.Beware! This issue of trust is far from cliche: Aquila and Priscilla trusted Paul enough to relocate both their livelihood and their very personal home..their oikos. Regardless of what an organisation’s digital influence or presence may be, it is foolish to even consider this kind of life upheaval without proven, demonstrable integrity and trust. The leading of the Spirit will always have this front and centre.We are calling for a new ecclesiology and therefore a new (but ancient) level of integrity; there can be no comprise. Let’s sow the seeds and watch them grow under His hand. We will be picking back up with our next teaching session in 1 Corinthians very soon, but stay tuned for our episode next week for more conversation on this important element of trust within our work as reformers…we didn’t quite manage to get to it all!Until next week: come, Lord Jesus! N&M x
  1. When the Trustworthy Are Not (feat. Steve Buckley)
  2. 1 Corinthians (part two)
  3. 1 Corinthians (part one)
  4. Slaying Sunday Syndrome (feat. Seamus & Sarah Bannon)
  5. Beware the Enchantment of Digital Media