For the first quarter of 2016 we’ve been going back again and again to the mysterious and moving book of Hosea.

Likening it throughout to a mountain expedition of world-class proportions, Hosea is a book that invites us out of our comfy, armchair Christianity into the deeper waters of the heart of the God of love.

We pray these posts lead you to Jesus.

(Click on each of the chapter titles to be taken to the post)

Part ONE// Hosea: The Left Ventricle of God

Part TWO// Hosea: History, Style, Theology (Intro) 

Part THREE// Hosea One: Acclimatising to the Mess 

Part FOUR// Hosea Two: The Promise of Allurement

Part FIVE// Hosea Four: Facing Our Adultery

Part SIX// Hewn Husband

Part SEVEN// We Are Gomer

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