We are currently a small team of two living in Edinburgh, UK, but with the vision to expand! Please do get in touch with us if you would any more information than we’ve included here, including how to support us in prayer.

The books, Body Zero and The Glorious Few are our “manifestos of preparation”: the world will not be prepared for the return of Christ until the Body of Christ are prepared for the return of Christ. The Glorious Few is the 2023 follow-on. (All info here).

While an extensive amount of what we do is online, we know that online community, although legitimate, is also limited. Ultimately therefore, we want to see radicalised communities of Christian disciples impacting post-codes all over Great Britain, starting with our very own.

Preaching the gospel alone isn’t good enough; the people of Great Britain need a reviving Church, out of the arrhythmia of comatose irrelevance, to then be a part of once they fall in love with Jesus.

So, you’re on a ‘denominational spectrum’ are you?
2022: The Context of the Power

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Nick Franks

Nick tent-makes via his small digital freelance business producing films, photography and written content for clients. He also leads the online digital ministry, JesusCome!, with the vision to practically “flesh-out” the implications of his book, “Body Zero” in both digital & physical spaces. Nick leads worship and teaches weekly on the Into the Pray podcast. To relax, Nick loves to take aerial photography, watch Liverpool FC and train at the gym.

Mairi Franks

Mairi has passion for reform within the Church, within the education system and is burdened by a desire to intervene in the horrors of abortion & fertility malpractice. Mairi is almost always found with her Bible and favourite set of highlighters in hand. She loves gardening at the weekend, creative art design, sewing and Bible journaling.

Would you like to support us?

Nick & Mairi at home in Edinburgh, UK