On July 24th and 25th 2013, I took a bunch of mates into Peak Studios in Bradford, England, to record The Presence Project.

The project combines a beautiful song of worship that will encourage you to treasure the presence of Jesus above everything else in life and a film inspiring you to pursue Him more than ever before.


7 thoughts on “Presence

  1. This was wonderful Nick! Finally got a chance to listen yesterday and was majorly blessed. We are living in this exploration of His Presence ourselves and He is teaching us day by day, obedience by obedience. It is an exhilarating journey seeking to know His heart more and more, for us, and for the “others” all around us whose unidentified hunger is for Him. Blessings for all you guys are doing and being! We love you! Shawna and Kent and family

    1. Thanks, Shawna…missing you guys. So glad the project was received well – You should try and read Tozer’s chater in The Pursuit of God called The Universal Presence. So helpful in exploring/practicing His Presence, brother Lawrence style! Prayers from this side of the pond! Love, NandMx

  2. Nick, You pulled it out of the bag!! Loved each section, and yep it goes back to the disciples asking Jesus ‘teach us to pray’ they could have asked for all sorts of things but they grasped the importance of prayer, the Fathers prayer, a quietness of Spirit that we encounter God most. Thank you for helping me commit to clearing a space each day for Father God, He is speaking to us we only have to tune in. Lets move from the natural to the supernatural.

    Linda S x

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