A Consequence of Cessationism

Whether or not the Holy Spirit continues to give gifts to the Church today is not an “agree to disagree” issue. We should think about it like this: approximately 50% of the Body of Christ are believing/teaching error that both displeases the Lord but also hamstrings the Church. I enjoyed watching this sermon from John MacArthur yesterday but in his handling of several passages of Scripture he failed to address the unfaithfulness of the Church. THIS is the question of the moment and it is no surprise to me that cessationist men of the stature and quality of MacArthur are failing to hit the nail on the head — instead they’re in effect skimming the nail with a hammer so as to knock it in but knock it in all askew.

What Does Biblical “Revival” Look Like? 😮

Full video here: The STUNNING Nature of Genuine Repentance & Revival 😮 🌊https://youtu.be/6cWBDCNlurA Longer convo will Bill Elliff: Let’s Talk About Asbury (w/ Bill Elliff) 🇺🇸 🇬🇧https://youtu.be/umHmg083n0A How do we recognise the genuine as of a “move of God” and a return to our Head? Please let me encourage you to watch the full conversationContinue reading “What Does Biblical “Revival” Look Like? 😮”

Free A. W. Tozer Audio-Book (Advent Devotional)

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