What Does Biblical “Revival” Look Like? 😮

Full video here: The STUNNING Nature of Genuine Repentance & Revival 😮 🌊https://youtu.be/6cWBDCNlurA Longer convo will Bill Elliff: Let’s Talk About Asbury (w/ Bill Elliff) 🇺🇸 🇬🇧https://youtu.be/umHmg083n0A How do we recognise the genuine as of a “move of God” and a return to our Head? Please let me encourage you to watch the full conversationContinue reading “What Does Biblical “Revival” Look Like? 😮”

Don’t Waste Your Life

Greetings All, I’ve been writing full-time since the Spring and now adding final touches to my draft manuscript. This second book follows Body Zero (2019) since which a lot has occurred — holy, disruptive happenings in the world, in the Church and in our hearts. Subscribe to the blog and YouTube channel to keep abreastContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Life”

Homosexual Household Disrupted by Jesus Christ (baptism) ❤️ 🌊

Aimee was once eternally lost in utter alienation from God, dependent on alcohol and a confused homosexual household. But Yahweh rescued her by the blood of His Son.

The Holy Spirit Beyond Cliche

2 Chronicles 7:14 must be redeemed from cliche. Full film: https://youtu.be/z0HX27oMxmQ More reading: https://www.bodyzerobook.com (forthcoming 2nd book in December 2022) Support our work: https://firebrandnotes.com/give/ Order very sharp gospel booklets here: https://www.bodyzerobook.com MORE INFO: https://firebrandnotes.com/repent-now/ Our flagship content: 🚢 🔥 2022: Homosexual Household Disrupted: https://youtu.be/eirnAqjEz-w2022: Repent Now; He Loves You: https://firebrandnotes.com/repent-now/2021: Calling YESHUA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMqDBZusq1M2020: The DraftContinue reading “The Holy Spirit Beyond Cliche”