The Sacrilege of (Closed) English Churches Calling for Judicial Review

Were the entire world to disagree with me, I would still have no choice but to be faithful to the conviction of my heart before the God of heaven and Earth Who, “Keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to Him“: It is sacrilege for any churchContinue reading “The Sacrilege of (Closed) English Churches Calling for Judicial Review”

Cathedrals In My Heart

Having a cathedral in our hearts for Jesus means having a vision in our hearts for not only our life-time of worship but for the lineage of our legacy of worship of which we are graced to be apart – that we might conceive of our family members and friends 100 years from now who will be blessed and inspired and protected by the foundations of extravagant love, prayer and worship for God that are being set into place now by the actions, choices, rhythms and emphases of our lives.