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Not All Mental Health Problems Are Not Demonic

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“It’s a tragedy that the young girl died but I hope you’re not insinuating that her depression was demonic”, commented the cheeky-and-rather-deceived-young-upstart of an individual.

Just a few days ago on February 1st 2018, Dutch doctors euthanised a 29-year old woman with depression.

After an eight-year battle to end her life, and despite being physically fit, Aurelia Brouwers was given the lethal injection that – with one effortless syringe compression – transferred her forever into the realm of the eternal.

Spending more than five years of her short life in either prison or a mental health institution, Aurelia had subsequently become a prominent euthanasia campaigner for the young and mentally-ill.

Two hours before her own execution, surrounded by family and friends, she updated her Facebook status for the last time: I am finally dying today.

With the tragic weight of such a horror looming, I shared a related article via Facebook as an expression of sympathy but also of distressed outrage in the face of such evil: cue the comment of our millennial Christian Facebooker, above.

You Can’t Be Politically Correct & Prophetically Correct

By exposing their penchant for cultural trends rather than the black and white, nut-and-bolt realities of the Bible, (in itself symptomatic of at least stage-one infection by the highly-contagious spirit coursing through the veins of British culture and the British Church), the young whippersnapper had unwittingly revealed their enchantment with the political narratives of the demonic.

In the very same week that a widely-respected, conservative Christian ministry were bullied into offering an apology via Twitter because of a mental-health-related tweet that, out of context, caused offence in some pockets of the squeamish Church, the truth dawned on me that we can not be politically correct and also prophetically correct.

What this means is that it is impossible for you to see and feel and communicate the heart of God while blinkered by political narratives that oppose Who God is and what God says. The Bible calls this the spirit of the anti-Christ and of lawlessness (see 1 John 4:3; 2 Thessalonians 2:7).

Cultural Marxism vs Kingdom of Heaven

In times gone by, traditional British society and culture unquestionably included the stabilising bedrock of the Bible – just look at the etymology and other origins of our laws or the Tyndalian language still gallivanting through our streets today.

Nowadays, the promiscuous polygamy of species such as secularism, pluralism and relativism have rendered culture lost at sea with no moral compass to guide us home. All anchors of biblical historicity, reason and wisdom have long been wrenched up from the sea-bed so that husbands can have husbands and wives can have wives. And, if they want, little boys can be little girls and little girls can be little boys.

We are confused cosmic castaways and the sharks are circling.

One of the direct consequences of this maleficent monoxide streaming through our cultural capillary bed is that conservatives are no longer conservative and Christians no longer believe what the Bible says. Instead, they functionally contort into unbelieving believers by reducing the Scriptures to a multiple-choice-exercise governed by sensibility and fancy. Unbelieving, politicised Christians like this quickly dismiss the realities of the spiritual realm, offended and huffy at the notion of the demonic rather than guarded and watchful against it.

Living by Faith

“the devil’s cleverest ruse is to make men believe that he does not exist” Baudelaire 

It is precisely this political spirit of Satan today, violating the cultures of British society and the British Church, that make it possible for a Christian to dismiss the  proposition that a demonic influence could be responsible for a twenty-one-year-old Dutch girl desiring nothing else in life but death.

And this is to say nothing of the demonic laws of the land that stood by and legitimised such barbarism.

Fiona Bruce, the Conservative MP for Congleton and the chairwoman of the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, said that one in four Britons “experience mental health problems at some time in their life”.

“What is then needed, as it was for this young woman, is treatment not termination,” she said.

“The tragedy of her situation shows why it would be so dangerous for us this country to heed the voices – few but shrill – of those calling for euthanasia to be legalised here.”

She continued: “On a personal level, it is tragic. On a political level, it is shameful.

So, my Christian Facebook friend, without wanting to put too fine a point on it, not all mental health problems are not demonic, just as your Bible makes clear. You are called to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy (1 Corinthians 14:1), and including discernment, so please wake up to the blinkers that Satan means you to wear.


    • Hey Grace, great question and one that isn’t easy to answer. The primary answer to this is that we should take our cues from the Bible rather than anywhere/anyone else. When we’re talking about the spiritual realm the only wise starting/finishing point is the Name of Jesus.

      One of the first things that springs to mind is the importance of “eagerly desiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 14) which includes the gift of discernment and distinguishing between spirits.

      So, discernment is essential – someone who is saved/filled with the Holy Spirit – in order to diagnose whether someone’s poor mental health is chemical or spiritual, or both.

      Hope that makes sense?

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