Mental Illness and the Christian

Do you have an interest in how our individual and collective mental health relates to our sojourn of Christian faith as we follow and love (and miss) Jesus?

A couple of weeks ago we filmed The Bothy Sessions with our friend Todd. We pursued this particular project because we were prompted by the Holy Spirit to facilitate an honest conversation for the Church about our mental health in general as well as specifically how this area of life interacts with faith.

During writing, prayer and preparation, a colossally important “wilderness word” then developed in my hear that has now formed the climax of the project.

We thought we’d communicate this via three spoken word film pieces.

Here are some more stills from the day and some related reading ahead of the project’s release which will be ASAP. Thank you for your patience with this!

Who do you know who’d be helped by this? Please share on via Facebook and TwitterThanks so much, Nick and Mairi xx


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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