National Trust launches appeal to buy Bantham but now we need your help

Originally posted on A Dartmoor blog:
Yesterday the National Trust announced that it was launching an appeal to try and acquire Bantham beach and part of the Avon estuary in south Devon. The National Trust has committed £4m of its own funds but needs to raise an additional £2.6m. You can read the Trust press…

Sirens and Buses

I’m approaching the end of a year at Holy Trinity Richmond serving as worship pastor, come September. The time for Mairi and I has been a cultural shock in many ways but mainly of adjusting to the relentless busyness of living in London….going to bed with the sounds of sirens and buses…waking up to theContinue reading “Sirens and Buses”

Jesus and Marriage

I was asked to write a blog article recently for the wesbite of the church that I work for but unfortunately the subject I chose upset several people and resulted in attitudes and accusations toward me, amongst others, of being homophobic. The blog article is pasted underneath this one and has subsequently been taken downContinue reading “Jesus and Marriage”

Epic Love Photos

About a year ago, Mairi and I had our engagement photo shoot with one of the most creative and darn talented photographers you will ever come across – he happens to be a personal friend – but he is epically creative and darn talented! Rob and Hannah Dight run Epic Love Photography from their homeContinue reading “Epic Love Photos”

Bikinis, Lads’ Mags and Troll-Hunting

While all of this was unfolding, I was involved in a twitter debate regarding the campaign to ban ‘lad’s mag’s’ and to reform the modesty of them given their sexualised genre. As part of the discussion on Twitter (with an individual who was subsequently named and shamed on Sky TV as a Troll)…

When In Rome

I’m always interested in stuff that people are ridiculously excited and passionate about, even if I don’t (currently) share their affections . I kind of feel like I’m missing out somehow – except when it comes to mushrooms – they are heinous little things that grown in dark, damp places and really should just remain there.