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Mr Cameron, Please Take Note

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According to PM David Cameron in his 2015 Easter speech that most of us have heard, the UK remains a Christian country because the government help to repair Cathedrals and older church buildings that, supposedly, represent the ‘living active force’ who are the local church.

Mr Cameron also pointed to the phenomenal welfare efforts of the church in specific terms of homelessness and poverty relief.

Spotlight on this Living Active Force

Here are just two specific examples of this living active Christian force that meet many needs in our fractured society but who are not necessarily synonymous with Cathedrals or dilapidated church buildings. (more…)

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Hipsters & Homelessness

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Despite its regular usage nowadays, the term Hipster is apparently way more difficult to define than the frequent use of the sub-cultural word might suggest. Check out the etymology and historical sojourn of the term here:

Living in Edinburgh’s New Town district as a wannabe Hipster myself, (in that I’m not trying to be a Hipster or trying to look like one especially, but I suspect I might have stylistic leanings that way), I am spoilt for choice for expensive barbers and stylists where I can go to go grab a hair cut and a beard trim complete with beard oils and double shots of single malt whisky. Really. My birthday-treat hair cut at Ruffians last month was amazing: “cup of tea or coffee, sir…or a whisky?” …. Nick’s slightly disinterested, dismissive facial gives way to a wide-eyed expression of “yes, please!”. (more…)