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Don’t Be A Ross


Christian Fundamentalism has a bad name because it’s a term that’s often used to stereotypically describe someone who believes in biblical orthodoxy…

…but in a BAAAAAAD way:

Christian Fundamentalists are regularly stereotyped as being inflexible, bigoted, arrogant, unloving, religious and legalistic and perhaps not ‘cool’, ‘street-wise’ or ‘relevant’ any more.

More specifically, at the apex of the negative branding of ‘Christian Fundamentalists’, is the notion that they are controlling and narrow-minded, damaging of ‘free thought’, emergent generations and general ‘freedom of speech’.

I don’t think this is what it means to be a Christian Fundamentalist. (more…)

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Exodus: Gods and Kings

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A close and legenadary Film Director friend of mine once inspired me to think about the difference between movies and films: a movie is often for popping pop-corn, action, explosions, the BIG SCREEN; whereas a film can be all of those things but still be in a league of its own as an artistic creation rather than just as a mode of entertainment.

One of my favourite films of all time is The Prince of Egypt produced by DreamWorks. I remember watching it for the first time in 1999 in Europe’s oldest purpose-built cinema in Paignton and being moved to tears by the sense of God’s presence and biblical accuracy that the film carries. The burning bush scene and the splitting of the Red Sea gets me every single time!

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