An Atrophy of Faith

A Brave New World An amazing Brazilian couple we’ve recently made friends with came over to our house last night for dinner. Monday evening isn’t exactly the usual time of the week for having friends over but it suited our guests who have a very hectic working schedule that involves them both regularly working intoContinue reading “An Atrophy of Faith”


Citadel G’day one and all. It’s summer so I hope you’re either reading this blog with a fresh cold drink on a glorious day off in the sun, or recovering with your iPhone in a cosy pub somewhere with a Ploughmans after a climb up a high, high mountain – a happy day. It wasContinue reading “Citadel”

Don’t Be A Ross

Christian Fundamentalism has a bad name because it’s a term that’s often used to stereotypically describe someone who believes in biblical orthodoxy… …but in a BAAAAAAD way: Christian Fundamentalists are regularly stereotyped as being inflexible, bigoted, arrogant, unloving, religious and legalistic and perhaps not ‘cool’, ‘street-wise’ or ‘relevant’ any more. More specifically, at the apexContinue reading “Don’t Be A Ross”

Fight as Though For Yourself

A friend loves at all times,     and a brother is born for adversity.  – Proverbs 17:17 – The bible says this is what friends do and that this is what brothers are born for. Q) Is this your experience? A) Probably not…at least, probably not entirely. It’s more likely that you have been hurt byContinue reading “Fight as Though For Yourself”

With Us: Oikos (Behind the Scenes at Home)

Here are a series of stories of dear friends who have journeyed through their own valleys but who also have awesome testimonies of the faithfulness of Jesus constantly being with them. Thanks so much to Jo, Naomi, Andrew, Josh, Roger and Sheena who plucked up courage to go for it! The video also explains aContinue reading “With Us: Oikos (Behind the Scenes at Home)”