A chicken and gherkin sandwich, a mozzarella and tomato salad, some crackers, one of those sealed tubs of airline water that you only ever see on a flight, and a surprisingly tasty chocolate mouse: We’re en route back to Edinburgh from a week’s mission trip in Albania and I’m very thankful for the packed lunch Turkish Airways have just provided for our evening meal.

Our gratitude has been primed.

We’ve been humbled.

The last week has been a privileged window into the culture and people of Albania as we spent time with the Albanian mission workers of Living Waters International and Adopt-A-Child who are seeking to bless the children (and their wider families) of remote, mountainous regions of the country who are suffering in poverty.

This article is simply to give you a glimpse of the beauty of the country in the hope that you might pray for them.

Here is Operation World’s link for Albania. Maybe you’d join us in praying for them?

Here are a selection of photos taken from Albania last week. (All are taken on the iPhone 5s)

Petro&Rosa n&mOhrid MairiOHRID julia IMG_5084 IMG_4765 image9 image6 image5 image1 HomezhDog Ervin

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