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A chicken and gherkin sandwich, a mozzarella and tomato salad, some crackers, one of those sealed tubs of airline water that you only ever see on a flight, and a surprisingly tasty chocolate mouse: We’re en route back to Edinburgh from a week’s mission trip in Albania and I’m very thankful for the packed lunch Turkish Airways have just provided for our evening meal.

Our gratitude has been primed.

We’ve been humbled. (more…)

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About a year ago, Mairi and I had our engagement photo shoot with one of the most creative and darn talented photographers you will ever come across – he happens to be a personal friend – but he is epically creative and darn talented! Rob and Hannah Dight run Epic Love Photography from their home in Northern Ireland and are responsible for a lot of the photography over the last few months on fbn2. If you are interested in any wedding/romantic/alternative family photography drop them a line!  You can follow them on twitter @epiclovephotos –