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Look at the Lamb (Day 11)

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Day 11 – Mairi

Summary of Chapter 11

Verses 1-16: News comes to Jesus that Lazarus, the brother of Mary (the woman who poured ointment on Jesus feet) and Martha, has become ill. Jesus loves this family and, as he takes the disciples to their village, he tells them that Lazarus has died but that his resurrection will be for God’s glory and their belief. (more…)



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For those of you who haven’t come across any of C.S.Lewis’ short essays, may I introduce you to arguably his best – The Weight of Glory

The essay contains some delicious thinking and expression about ‘glory’ and heaven and touches the beginnings of articulation around those things in us that words can not express. (Romans 8:26).

Having read the essay a few times over the last few years, there is one recurring thought from it that often crops up for me when I feel these deep places in my soul stirred by nature, my wife, family and friends, or by the presence of Christ.


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The Presence Project Intro



On July 24th and 25th 2013, I took a bunch of mates into Peak Studios in Bradford, England, to record The Presence Project.

The project combines a beautiful worship song that will encourage you to treasure the presence of Jesus above everything else in life and a video inspiring you to pursue Him more than ever before.

The Presence Project will be available here to view for free at the beginning of September 2013.

Here’s the new, mid-September edit – Presenting the Presence Project:



Nearing Nephology


A scene in the gospels recently etched an image on my mind when Jesus took James, Peter and John up a mountain to experience something new of His presence. The encounter involved the spirit of Moses and Elijah but also the transfigured Christ (Matthew 17, Mark 9, Luke 9).

The message paraphrase of the Bible describes the manifest presence of Jesus in that moment in this way,

“…as they found themselves buried in the cloud they became deeply aware of God”


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Dark Are We Yet Lovely #2

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The post yesterday tried to shine a spot-light on the nature of God as an affectionate Lover of His people and the difference between this reality and the notion that God loves us only because He loves us unconditionally, as though we weren’t lovable to Him. Of course, our standing before Him is both transactional and covenantal (Romans 3: 1-24) but His love is not without emotional affection.