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Introducing a new song called “Home”.

It’ll be heading into the studio soon but also worthy of pure, raw form 😇 (pls excuse the piano’s tuning)

Nothing replaces the raw moments of writing and the yearnings of our private worship is often very different to our public declarations.

Let’s get real! 🔥

HOME 🏡 🐑

Like a Shepherd with His sheep

You will always be

Watching over us

So faithfully

And we will be your prize

The flock of your delight

Just waiting now for your voice

You will leave the many

To find us

You will lead us home

You are beautiful

Even when my heart feels like stone

You are beautiful

Even when I can’t find my way

You are beautiful

Even when my life is on fire

You are beautiful to me

Would you let me see?

(verse repeat)

You will leave the many

To find us

You will lead us home

You will lift the weary

To save us

You will make us strong


You never have have

You’re never gonna leave me on my

You never have

You’re never gonna leave me on my own

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Hosea 1- Acclimatising to the Mess (& the wonder)

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The book of Hosea is full of a kind of beauty that will take our breath away…if we will let it.

I’m taking Chapter 1 today, solo, just to set the scene, then 2 & 3 together next week and then a couple more posts to cover the remaining 12 chapters. Boom!


  • Remember in verse 1, crucially, the context has been set like some kind of historical GPS for us. (More detail here).


  • Then verse two begins the first of two prose/narrative sections that act as book ends on the more poetic middle of the book that we’ll come to in another post.
  • We’re assured straight away that this is the LORD speaking – as though we needed reminding – bringing to mind 2 Timothy 3:16 that “…all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful…”. This is Hosea speaking but it is the Lord of all creation who is speaking through Him.

In order to speak prophetically to a Nation and to achieve redemption and righteousness for them, God invades, exposes and demands the masculinity of Hosea’s ego, his social and spiritual reputation, his lineage, his peace, his joy, his sanity, his sexual satisfaction and purity and, most ultimately, the emotional bed of his heart.


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Dark Are We Yet Lovely #2

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The post yesterday tried to shine a spot-light on the nature of God as an affectionate Lover of His people and the difference between this reality and the notion that God loves us only because He loves us unconditionally, as though we weren’t lovable to Him. Of course, our standing before Him is both transactional and covenantal (Romans 3: 1-24) but His love is not without emotional affection.


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No-one Like You God

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In Exodus 15:11 the phenomenal prophet, Moses, says,

“”Who among the gods is like you, O LORD ? 

       Who is like you— 
       majestic in holiness, 
       awesome in glory, working wonders?”


Today, often in the shadow of Islamic mosques, Jehovah’s Witness call-outs and the world’s obsession with political correctness, the prophetic accuracy of Moses’ song above seems to be a distant Old Testament psalm, and Easter is just another calendar date,

But in reality this truth remains today, Easter 2009, in exactly the same way as it did 4,000 years ago…that there really is no-one, not even close, like the God of the Bible – Jesus Christ.

Who can compare to Jesus Christ? Who is like our Abba of Isa.53 who would desire that His Son be crushed (Isa.53:10), despite the searing pain to the Godhead. Who, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross for the pleasure of you and me? (Heb.12:2)

The Easter truth today is that, despite world-wide cultural norms, spiritual strong-holds, fears and Western apathy, Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father of all creation. Even if you struggle to accept Him, even if you struggle to see and savour Him…there is still No-one like the Lord…majestic in His splendour, all-powerful in heaven and earth.

Why not make your prayer today….Jesus, if you are really real, and if you are really the only way to know this peace I’m after,I’ve tried everything else, then please show me yourself now….amen.


I pray that for you guys with all my heart.


Happy Easter:)


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Nations Sing


Have you ever been in the fray of a concert or propping the bar up at a gig and, without warning,  you have felt the hairs on the back of you neck stand tall? Something has happened in the music that has resonated with you deeply and that has caused a physiological response. Or it might be that a tear inexplicably wells up. Music does stuff. It effects us. It moves us.

But more than this, music and song moves the unseen spiritual realm as well as our bodies. In the Bible, David played the harp for his leader and King, and at the stroke of his hands evil spirits left Saul who was being tormented by selfishness and insecurity. Music brought Saul relief from evil. (1 Samuel 16:23)

This is an Old Testament picture of the way that in the 21st Century, in the New Testament blessing that we live in today, music is bringing relief and healing from evil. Music and song, but more specifically praise and worship rooted in love for Jesus, is bringing healing to the Nations and peoples of the world.

Psalm 96 is a prophetic cry for all of creation to sing new songs of praise to our God. Poetically, the psalmist pictures the fields, trees and forests rejoicing in response to the exceedingly eternal worth of Jesus. Prophetically, it is a call for the day when He will make all things new (Revelation 21) and creation will be liberated from its bondage to decay, being brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God, (Romans 8: 20-22).

In our day God is doing a precious and historic thing in worship, music and song within the Nations. There is a call of mission and justice coming from within the worship of the hour too. It is is the cry of the Father that all Nations would know Him as He is and that they would sing praise to Him, giving Him the honour due to Him….”Ascribe to Him…declare among the Nations”.

There is a turning in the songs of the hour that is healing people and the Nations of our world as Jesus is revealed through them.


Sing, O Nations!

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