Desperate: Balm of Gilead

Would you join me for 10 mins of worship and prayer for the UK Church? (Please excuse the very rough recording)


Over the last few weeks, I have focused on some pretty negative stuff. I can’t apologise for that or promise that it won’t continue but I have blogged for more than 11 years and in all that time have focused almost entirely on the positive, earth-shatteringly good news of Jesus.

The full counsel of God requires admonition, rebuking and correction at times as well as devotional encouragement. All are intended to edify and come from a deep longing for the glory of God, the lost and the readiness of the bride.

I fully get that we all see things differently. I get that some of you celebrated the weekend with a sense of joy while others – like me – felt a sense of distress and a weight of urgency for something so much more. I also get that many are upset on both sides of the divide which in and of itself is fascinating to me.

I stole away for some lunchtime prayer/worship today becasue my heart is heavy. Not just because of the heresy and the deception of many, but because God’s commanded blessing will only dwell from the epicentre of unity – like a massive outpouring of heavenly oil down our epic beards.

I’m not sorry for boldly speaking out or for ‘going after’ certain things – and pray that this will only intensify in the wisdom and care of the Hoy Ghost – but someone very wise said to me today that it’s possible to fight for justice and contend for truth from a *place of joy* Oh, how we need the eternal, joyful pleasures at His right hand AND the full counsel of the gospel of Christ!

But the irony is the “balm of Gilead” was the weeping Jeremiah’s prophetic request for the whore Zion (Jeremiah 8:22)

Bishop Curry quoting Jeremiah is the devil actually flaunting his luring rebellion.

We need to ambush Satan with song

Blessings one and all


N x

Give me a man in love; he knows what I mean.  Give me one who yearns; give me one who is hungry; give me one far away in this desert, who is thirsty and sighs for the spring of the Eternal country.  Give me that sort of man; he knows what I mean.  But if I speak to a cold man, he just does not know what I am talking about.”

~ Augustine

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