Relax and Wait

I’m currently sat in an airport and have just gone through the normal procedure: bag check-in, security, departure lounge etc. I looked up for my gate time to be announced. I was ahead of schedule and the airport I’m in simply has put relax and wait next to my flight number. Relax and wait!

I found that a refreshing way of an airport communicating with their passengers but it touched my heart too as well as my mind:

As well as this being applicable wisdom for all of us at different times, someone reading this needs to relax and wait now! Pause, wait but also actively relax while you wait. He is God. You are not.

As an expression of your floundering trust in Jesus, but with firm resolve to trust that your mustard seed is infinitely enough anyway, say: “I trust you, Lord; I’m going to relax and wait”

Be blessed, go strong

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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