“Hold on Loosely”

Thought this was awesome and worth a re-blog

The kingdom of heaven is like a man (or woman) in a field who found invaluable treasure. They went away and, with joy, sold everything they had and bought that field.

The Ground Floor

Two years ago, Judah and I were considering a possible move back to Pennsylvania. I never ever wanted to live here again but God was working something on my heart. I found this old draft I had written during that time. I thought it was an appropriate blog post as God is still working these things out in me!

My little Levi is 15 months old. He is still not walking yet but he’s taken a few steps on his own. I recently posted a video of the very first steps he took. I was so proud! After about the 500th time of watching, I noticed something….my hands. I held him there and stabled his legs. I continued to hold him as he took a step or two. Then I let go. I watched my hands hold on tight and then let go to see him walk. I had to…

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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