A Statement Concerning Frontier Alliance International (FAI)

Several weeks ago, information was brought to our attention regarding a ministry many of us know and love and even support financially, Frontier Alliance International (FAI). They have produced several excellent films in recent years and have launched a new app that has become very popular; they are having a global impact and it isContinue reading “A Statement Concerning Frontier Alliance International (FAI)”


Give me a man in love; he knows what I mean.  Give me one who yearns; give me one who is hungry; give me one far away in this desert, who is thirsty and sighs for the spring of the Eternal country.  Give me that sort of man; he knows what I mean.  But ifContinue reading “Yearn”

Hosea 2: The Promise of Allurement

There is a higher summit. It hangs overs base camp like a shadowy, silhouetting God, incarnate in ancient rock…God is showing us His deepest, highest, widest affections through the churning heart of a husband bereft of the love and loyalty of his wife.

every time you sense God’s anger, try to instead imagine God as being grieved and as being gutted rather than as just waving His great, big, cosmic stick around in fury. I’ve found this a massively helpful distinction in coming closer to the heart of God.

Yearnings of O

Etched on the grand arch above where we worship together as a church family here at HTR are the following words from Psalm 96:- “O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” Since arriving at Holy Trinity two months ago with my beautiful wife, Mairi, we have talked about these words together several times.Continue reading “Yearnings of O”

What Jesus Would Say About Marriage if He Appeared on the BBC’s Question Time Panel

It’s important to see that marriage isn’t primarily a sociological construct. It is ultimately a theological reality (See Genesis 2:24). Ultimately, because it is true that marriage is first a theological reality, and therefore a God-given one, the issue of the morality around the proposed redefinition is absolutely key. To deny this is tantamount to denying that God is holy. To question God’s holiness should make any sensible, rational human being tremble and so should, therefore, this current proposal to redefine marriage. May I challenge you? How deeply to do you feel troubled about this?