Gentle & Lowly

This evening on YouTube we are beginning a devotional series reading through and discussing – chapter by chapter – Dane Ortlund’s wonderful book, Gentle & Lowly. You can catch the first episode this evening at 7:30pm and watch the preview session here…

A Reading of Isaiah

For anyone who is interested in spending their Friday evenings in live Bible reading, we have two weeks left of our 8-week reading through Isaiah. In late August we will then be having a longer streaming session reading the whole of the book in one go. We’ll be welcoming other readers to both lighten the load for Mairi and I as well as being a refreshing variety in voice.

The Context of the Power

Yesterday, my friend and I stood outside a false church in Edinburgh in bold defiance of the anti-Christ “gospel” that they proclaim.

While a celebration of “pride” unfolded inside, as women with pushchairs and beards, self-harming scars and gender dysphoria arrived through the doors, as homosexual “Christians” dismissed the gospel of repentance with confidence, sickened by the thought of Jesus while boldly claiming knowledge of God, the gospel thundered.