What Jesus Would Say About Marriage if He Appeared on the BBC’s Question Time Panel


Why Bother Writing?

The main purpose of this article is to empower Christians to be able to think about the philosophies of our modern culture that produce the anti-Christian atmosphere hanging over virtually every tabloid and headline. It is also to empower expression as to why the proposed (so-called) ‘redefinition of marriage’ is absolutely wrong.

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Hitting Unsubscribe

The Bible tells us to ‘take captive every thought that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor.10:5)

Do you ever look at your email inbox and ignore a whole bunch of emails because they’re not important to you – you can tell by looking at the sender or subject title? Well, you may ignore them, as I do, but they still clog up your inbox – they still encroach in your world and demand some form of attention.

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Some thoughts on Jeremiah

For those of you who wondered why Jeremiah was so sad – my friend Andy does a great job here of summarising True Word for Tough Times by Dale Ralph Davis

Watumishi wa Neno

True word for tough times

Jeremiah has got a bit of a bad reputation – of being long (52 chapters), convoluted (not in chronological order) and depressing (‘Jeremiah’ in the dictionary is ‘a dismal prophet, a denouncer of the times’). But I’m really starting to get into Jeremiah, helped by Dale Ralph Davis’ great little book (a collection of sermons) True Word for Tough Times.

Here are some thoughts, largely taken from DRD:

  1. The Word of God is the big theme. The first chapter is key in introducing the theme and particularly 3 aspects that will be carried throughout the book:
    1. The-Word-of-the-Lord as a person who interacts with Jeremiah (‘the Word of the LORD came to me saying’, ‘put out his hand and touched my mouth’);
    2. the Word in Jeremiah’s mouth intended to destroy (66% emphasis) and then bring hope (“Verse 10 is the key verse of the prophecy of Jeremiah. As you…

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Jesus and Marriage

I was asked to write a blog article recently for the wesbite of the church that I work for but unfortunately the subject I chose upset several people and resulted in attitudes and accusations toward me, amongst others, of being homophobic. The blog article is pasted underneath this one and has subsequently been taken down from the church website.

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Glorious Ruins, Bent Glory

I’m reading several books at the moment – this afternoon I’ll be with Dr R T Kendall but this morning I’m hanging out with Dr Dan Allender.

I’m having a hard time not stopping, highlighting and tweeting his excellent work in Leading With A Limp

Here’s a quote that’s worthy of a blog article all on its own and a photograph from @NeilDuggan80 that I’ve just seen which is also worthy of a blog article all on its own:-

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Our Automaticity

I reckon most of us know what I’m talking about when I refer to ‘that’ feeling when you get on the treadmill for the first time since your last gym visit….6 months before. Or when you pick up the dumb-bell you were once lifting and now can barely move – that feeling of being flabby or feeble or both.

Spiritually we can can get flabby and feeble and, in the world of exercise physiology, this is explained by the term atrophy – the wasting away of muscle fibres leaving us weaker, joints unstable, slower in metabolism, unsettled in sleeping and, interestingly, more prone to gain unhealthy weight also known as adiposity.

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