Notions of Oceans

We all desperately want to hear God speak to us, don’t we? Those moments, rare as (we might think) they are, when Holy Spirit speaks to us clearly and we know beyond any doubt at all that it was the Spirit of the risen Christ, dwelling in our inner man by faith, speaking.

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Oikos: With Us

I’ve recorded three studio songs in the last few years and had others recorded and used at Life Church in Bradford, but none of them have adequately scratched the itch that keeps me writing and searching.

Song-writing for me is partly about scratching the itch I have to articulate what’s going on in my heart as I journey along the road towards the fullness of God. The itch isn’t from wanting to craft songs alone but wanting to know Him as He is and to express the peaks and troughs along the way. It’s the itch that will hopefully get more annoying the older I get and the nearer to Him I am.

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Easter Paradidomi

Why Good Friday really is very, very good

I’m colour blind – i.e. I can’t always discern between shades of brown and red and green. This means very little to me except that I can’t be an RAF pilot or a bomb disposal expert. It also means that I occasionally fowl in snooker by playing a brown by mistake. And it means that I can’t always see patterns, like the boat, below:

Messy, indiscernible patterns because of colour blindness is a great example of what the cross can look like if we are spiritually blind. Perhaps the cross is simply brown to you this Easter….i.e. all you see is a religious symbol and nothing more. Or perhaps you are seeing the red of His sacrificial blood, the green of His humanity as the priestly Son of Man and the yellow of His divinity as the saving Messiah.

In either case, God wants you (us) to see more and…

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The Wonder Of It All

Here are some snaps of our Paper Anniversary jaunt from Inverbervie, through the Cairngorns, to Loch Ness – awesome!

I dedicate this to Mairi who is the biggest wonder in all of this.

Thank you to Mum and Dad who have loved and supported us this year more than we can tell and for accepting us as we are. We love you!

People say that the first year of marriage is hard in getting used to living with someone, sleeping with someone, preferring someone else to your own selfish empire. But Mairi is a constant joy for me: she puts up with my grumpiness and all my quirks; she is easy to be with all the time; she loves me for who I am; she makes me feel strong and encourages me to be who I am in Him. And she is a foxy lady. Such favour from Jesus.

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A Mental Note To Self.

Pray More Worry Less – a great blog to read this Thursday afternoon!

soul surfers

I’ve felt this way before…

The day I discovered that I’d had my offer received on the first flat I bought…

The morning I awkwardly paced around my bedroom tied to the phone socket by a cable trying to pluck up the courage to ask my now Father in Law for his daughter’s hand in marriage…

The night we came in above the orange glow of San Francisco as newly weds and I suddenly felt the enormity of what it was to love and look after my best friend whatever may befall – for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do us part…

The first evening at home with our first child, tired, excited and scared witless at the dawning realisation that we could no longer press a “call” button and summon a nurse…

Yesterday I drove Davina the camper-van back from the coach works.  She’s passed…

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