The Stormy Seas of Counterfeit Love & Counterfeit Lovers

Mairi and I have taken a few days holiday following the Jesus Fields gathering last week.

En route to Arran, it became obvious that the fake love camp have continued to stir their various slander-pots in the hope of discouraging the anointed of the LORD – the true lovers of Love.

So, before I introduce our response in VLOG form, have a look at these images from the top of Goat Fell yesterday afternoon. He is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever.

Remember these images the next time you hear the counterfeit heretics banging their right wing drums. Isn’t the very notion of a God bending His word to our cultural sensitivities and pet fancies completely sick? 🤮

Please watch the VLOG below (after photos) and consider sharing via your social channels.



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