Growing a Lifestyle of Fasting & Prayer

Mairi was honoured last Sunday morning to take the church through some teaching on prayer and fasting from Matthew 6. Towards the end of her message she tells a very powerful and personal story that serves as a great example of the importance of our persistence and tenacity in prayer! (see Matthew 7:7 NLT). Here’sContinue reading “Growing a Lifestyle of Fasting & Prayer”

He Loves Us

Within these first three weeks of 2014 we have been following a Daniel Fast to achieve a few things: 1) Detox from the poor nutrition running up to and during the festive season & 2) Lose a few vanity pounds but primarily 3) Know a closer-felt proximity to Jesus The overwhelming reason for doing anyContinue reading “He Loves Us”

Global Bridegroom Fast

In Matthew 9, Jesus has a bunch of finger-pointing guys come up to Him and demand an explanation for His disciples not fasting while the disciples of John were. (Matthew 9:15) Jesus’ response was surprising because He pointed immediately to the issue of His forthcoming absence as being the fitting time for His disciples toContinue reading “Global Bridegroom Fast”