Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Intolerant Tolerance

This summer, we’re very pleased to be supporting The Barnabas Fund’s our religious freedom campaign – have you seen their site and signed their petition?

Waking this morning to the Guatemalan news of the eruption of Fuego, I recalled the words of Paul describing the groaning and waiting of creation as a reality akin to the pains of childbirth. These birth pains are for the pregnancy of something very specific: the revealing of the children of God to the entire cosmos (Romans 8:19,22-23).

Similarly for Christian people, seeing the world – and the Church – in its current state of division and flux should be a very disturbing reality (if we will let it). The preaching and communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ is needed within God’s House and the nations of the world like never before, just like a body in asystole urgently needs adrenaline.

But we need faithful action not analgesia.

Our Religious Freedom

The reason that the our religious freedom campaign is so important, and that it’s relevant to the groaning of creation from Romans 8, is because, to wake up, the Church needs a growing number of radicals who are prepared to combat the trolling narratives of our day. Arguably, the principal troll in this regard is that of intolerant tolerance.

More than merely a double-sided coin of political madness at which to roll our eyes, this multi-headed Hydra slithers near to any conscientious objector or person of faith. The enemy’s aim is that the children of God, bound by the fear of man, will ‘fall in line’ with the ‘values’ of a secular society calloused from any form of God-conscience. If they don’t, they are bigoted & hateful.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was correct in his recent interview on the BBC’s Daily Politics show, refuting Jo Coburn’s hateful assertions against his Catholic faith perspective. Arguing against Coburn and swathes of the BBC, Mogg’s point was that the moment anyone dares say anything different to the great tide of public and popular (tolerant) opinion, another serpentine heads whips round to sink its fangs, (intolerantly) into said objector.

The truth is, as a Christian, you are hugely at odds with the world and the cultural narratives of pop media.


But take heart, this is because you are a child of God and even Fuego is longing for the day when you will fully be revealed for who you are!

For now, insist on your freedom in Christ, your freedom of “religious” speech and declare the incomparable gospel like never before! Dismantle the counterfeit ideologies of our day – as Mogg does – and proclaim the love and truth of our beautiful Messiah.

He really is the Coming King! watch our Jesus Come film here.

(And we’re looking for Investors! For more info, please see here!).

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