Firebrand Notes is a Christian blog riveted on Jesus Christ and that needs help to develop.

Established in 2007 and with hundreds of articles, films and songs in the can, we’re now looking for investment to take things into a new stratosphere.

By continuing and extending our prolific blogging schedule, by including the wide development of extensive vlogging and podcasting, and, ultimately, by growing an online community of faith, we want to speak compellingly into the Church and into culture.

Our recent vlogging channel – Counterfeit Vlog – is one small step towards that.

But now we need help!

Could you be a crucial key in Firebrand Notes becoming so much more than a Christian blog?

As an example of what’s doable without any budget, please see below for:

  • Our flagship Jesus Come film and
  • Info HERE about our forthcoming project about mental health and faith…we’ve called this The Bothy Sessions (due for release in September 2018).

So, what could be possible with your investment and partnership?

Please get in touch for more of the vision via the form below or simply INVEST HERE. 

Thank you!