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Firebrand Notes is a Christian blog that’s been going for more than 11 years. Established in 2007 and with hundreds of articles, films and songs in the can, we’re now looking for investment to take things into a new stratosphere. (more…)

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Redeeming Radicalisation

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This short (rough) video from just last year reflects one of the most important junctures of my 38-year discipleship in following Chirst.

It’s a principle that I believe will be increasingly prevalanet in the Church over the next 5-10 years (please share)


Does God Like Evangelism?


My afternoon has been pleasantly hijacked by an Instagram post of my former Pastor, Paul Scanlon.

I have said publicly many times that I respect Paul from a deep heart level – though we barely know each other – and I genuinely did before being blocked by him on Instagram for expressing a respectful question and my subsequent objection at being being ignored/mocked. I was part of his Bradford congregation between 2003 and 2011 and grew in many ways during my eight years serving there under his ministry, including two years of my life invested in his leadership academy.

However, this afternoon, I have disagreed fairly strongly with one of his Instagram posts because I believe he is wrong (more…)