The Context of the Power

I hope you’ll watch this video below, share on to your networks and be encouraged by considering the unique relationship between the fear of man and the power of God. 

Yesterday, my friend and I stood outside a false church in Edinburgh in bold defiance of the anti-Christ “gospel” that they proclaim.

While a celebration of “pride” unfolded inside, as women with pushchairs and beards, self-harming scars and gender dysphoria arrived through the doors, as homosexual “Christians” dismissed the gospel of repentance with confidence, sickened by the thought of Jesus while boldly claiming knowledge of God, the gospel thundered

As hundreds of lost people passed by with questions and fears, as young men burdened by mental illness and recent mental asylums in Europe, as groups of lads buoyed by strong masculine presence on the streets, as drunkards proclaimed our psychosis, Jesus was honoured.

I’m in the process of writing a second book and follow-up to Body Zero. that will powerfully explain what has happened in our discipleship following Jesus as we made the brave decision nearly three years ago to say “No more!” to compromised churches and fake gospels.

The quagmire of “business as usual” is the devil’s delight.

What Am I learning?

Our post-pandemic world is presenting us with an unparalleled opportunity but it is a two-fold opportunity easily missed: People are more willing to hear about Jesus than we might think; people are angrier at God than we are prepared to face.

The fields are truly white unto harvest and we must acknowledge that He is commanding His workers to be out busy in them.

Are you going to continue in a lukewarm, local church context? What’s keeping you? Evangelism and witnessing by proxy?

The quagmire of “business as usual” is the devil’s delight.

The fear of man is an appalling snare. Rarely is there the power of God without the context of fear and trembling – this was Paul’s exact context when he arrived in Corinth.

Make a Cross & Take Jesus to People

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (in the video below) is beautiful but with it’s own very dark history and anti-Christ present. What will I desire more: the absence of fear and trembling or to see the Holy Spirit save lost men, women and children in His Presence and Power?

This is the choice of our lives that will ripple throughout eternity.

I challenge you to make a 7ft cross and take it out into you own parish and high streets, rebuking the work of darkness and heralding the soon return of the Lord of Glory.

There is no witnessing by proxy.

You can buy very sharp gospel tracts here.

Related video re false gospels here.



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