The Oslo Face of Despising

As a brief follow-up to my video last night (you can watch it below), I want to highlight the other recent news item that has caught my eye.

Yesterday, a 42 year-old man in Norway targeted a LGBT district of Oslo, killing two people, injuring 21 more and terrorising countless others.

We tend to measure these atrocities mainly based on deaths and injuries when in fact the aftermath is much wider than that, including the invisible spiritual agenda.

As a primary case in point concerning this wider aftermath, it wasn’t coincidental that, on the very same day that the Rode vs Wade case filed out of court and tumbled into public euphoria and despising alike, a ‘lone wolf’ terrorist picked up arms to target the LGBT ‘community’ of Oslo.

It is not only the LORD who is preparing His people.

This is spiritual landscaping at the hands of Satan.

My warning video yesterday about “seeker-sensitive” and “inclusive” churches, (their unpreparedness to stand without correct teaching), relates directly to the way that Satan is increasingly leveraging the despising of true Christians now as well as preparing the intensifying conditions in which this tinderbox will be lit in the future.

It is not only the LORD who is preparing His people.

The warped “haters gonna hate” narrative of mainstream media is being stoked, both by the historic U.S. abortion law U-turn and, I suspect, its conflation with the same kind of demonic lunacy that shoots gay people dead in Oslo.

Every enemy of Jesus Christ only loves on his own, personally subjective terms meaning that Jesus’ standard will only ever be regarded as hateful. This is spiritual landscaping at the hands of Satan.

What will cause the kind of future despising of Christian martyrs (witnesses) that will result in hunting, marginalising and death? Exactly this: the lie that those who are “pro-life” regarding little babies would be no different to those terrorists who’d kill gay people in Europe.

In other words, ‘hate is hate’ and that whether via temporary victories (abortion U-turn) or permanent atrocities (terrorist attack), Satan is manoeuvring so as to form hearts and minds now against those who will stand for righteousness in future years to come.

While the swelling of lawlessness will ironically result in crescendos of, “Peace! Peace!” and “All we need is love”, it is vital to see that, to the anti-Christ/atheist/secular psyche, those who choose to stand against abortion will simply be considered a variant of the same disgusting species of humanity who gun down homosexuals in cold blood.

Increasingly, there will be no nuance and this is exactly the scheme and strategy of Satan.

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