Many Days

We have been afforded the light of many days,
Days that have begun with the dawning of mercy
and days that have closed with the keeping of grace.

What horizon of opportunity is this before us:
To ask, “What is Christian discipleship really?”

The genuineness of Christian discipleship
is only established by the extent to which
we will behold The Man.

Jesus is returning for a Bride
who will have prepared their hearts,
who will have readied their lamps.
And, exploring with energy and endurance,
who will have set their hearts on pilgrimage.

So it will be that every true disciple will
carry the flammable oil and heart-cry of “maranatha”.

True disciples, just like Jesus,
will again be despised in the West.

Now is the time to be with those
who are preparing for that final reality.

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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