Paradise: Why Remona Aly’s Heaven is Nowhere Near Good Enough 

Before reading, CLICK HERE & listen to Remona’s 2 minute feature on Chris Evan’s Radio 2 Pause for Thought from earlier this week. Start at 2:50 hours.  This week’s blog is indebted to a good friend who wrote to me requesting that I have a listen to Remona’s view of spirituality in the radio show,Continue reading “Paradise: Why Remona Aly’s Heaven is Nowhere Near Good Enough “

What Jesus Would Say About Marriage if He Appeared on the BBC’s Question Time Panel

It’s important to see that marriage isn’t primarily a sociological construct. It is ultimately a theological reality (See Genesis 2:24). Ultimately, because it is true that marriage is first a theological reality, and therefore a God-given one, the issue of the morality around the proposed redefinition is absolutely key. To deny this is tantamount to denying that God is holy. To question God’s holiness should make any sensible, rational human being tremble and so should, therefore, this current proposal to redefine marriage. May I challenge you? How deeply to do you feel troubled about this?