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Look at the Lamb (Day 6)


Day 6 – Katie

Summary of Chapter 6

Verses 1-15: Jesus’ ministry continues and word begins to spread around the people that the man they thought was Joseph’s son was doing wonderful things. People become fixated with Jesus for His miracles and signs and trek miles to see more. Visited day after day by crowds, Jesus continues to show love and patience, even after retreating to a hillside and being followed yet again. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 5)

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Day 5 – Ant

Summary of Chapter 5

Verses 1-14: The healing of a man who had been an invalid for 38 years. What a surprising question Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?”. A really important question because sometimes we like to stay just where we are rather than face the challenges that becoming well will bring! Perhaps Jesus was asking the man, “Do you want to remain as you have been for the last 38 years!” Even in our “unwellness” there can be a “comfort” that we don’t wish to be disturbed! (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 4)

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Day 4 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 4

Verses 1-26: This is the chapter, and the exact passage, that often pops up during worship training days and seminars – and so it should! Jesus gives the reading world a crash course in the radically changing nature of worship that He was actually in the process of orchestrating. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 3)

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Day 3 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 3

Verses 1-21: I’m guessing that Jesus’ clearing of the temple courts in chapter 2 would have been during the heat of the day and the penetrating Jerusalem sunlight. By contrast, chapter three opens at night-time when darkness and cold temperatures would have been the silent backdrop. Think! Nicodemus would have been able to actually see Jesus’ breath in the cold air as He taught about the limitless life of the Breath of the Spirit and the ‘blowing’ of the Wind of the Kingdom. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 2)

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Day 2 – Mairi

Summary of Chapter 2

Verses 1-12: This is the well-known Sunday school story of the wedding at Cana. Jesus has been invited with his disciples when the unthinkable happens and the wine runs out. Jesus requests 6 large jars of water and, in an act of extravagant generosity, miraculously turns all 150 gallons into the very best wine for the celebrating community. Upon seeing this incredible display, these verses culminate with the disciples believing in Jesus.
Verses 13-22: Yet another well-known passage immediately follows. Jesus is in Jerusalem for the Passover feast and, angered by the money-changers who have overtaken the temple, he throws over their tables and drives them out. Following this dramatic scene, Jesus speaks prophetically to the Jewish leaders about his body becoming the future temple following his death and resurrection. While the reader can clearly see the blindness that conceals their understanding, these Jewish leaders struggle to make sense of his words. With a hind-sight sort of feel John recounts the disciples remembering these events in light of prominent passages of scripture.
Verses 23-25: Amongst more miracles and the first believers, this chapter ends with John echoing key elements from chapter one – Jesus knows all about man because he is God.


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*New Series* Look at the Lamb

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Starting tomorrow for the next 21 days, why not track with Mairi and me through the 21 chapters of John’s 4K Ultra HD focus on Jesus?

Taking a chapter a day and briefly reflecting on what John saw and recorded of Jesus, “Look at the Lamb” will encourage love and desire for God.

It’ll be kind of like an online bible study for three weeks leaning in to what John the Baptist shouted in 1:29: to *behold* the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Dip in and out or track with me for the full 21 days but let’s look again, a little bit harder, at our beautiful Jesus