Look at the Lamb (Day 2)

Day 2 – Mairi

Summary of Chapter 2

Verses 1-12: This is the well-known Sunday school story of the wedding at Cana. Jesus has been invited with his disciples when the unthinkable happens and the wine runs out. Jesus requests 6 large jars of water and, in an act of extravagant generosity, miraculously turns all 150 gallons into the very best wine for the celebrating community. Upon seeing this incredible display, these verses culminate with the disciples believing in Jesus.
Verses 13-22: Yet another well-known passage immediately follows. Jesus is in Jerusalem for the Passover feast and, angered by the money-changers who have overtaken the temple, he throws over their tables and drives them out. Following this dramatic scene, Jesus speaks prophetically to the Jewish leaders about his body becoming the future temple following his death and resurrection. While the reader can clearly see the blindness that conceals their understanding, these Jewish leaders struggle to make sense of his words. With a hind-sight sort of feel John recounts the disciples remembering these events in light of prominent passages of scripture.
Verses 23-25: Amongst more miracles and the first believers, this chapter ends with John echoing key elements from chapter one – Jesus knows all about man because he is God.

Key Thoughts from Chapter 2

– It is all too easy to have a two dimensional view of Jesus and to highlight one part of his character over another. This chapter however really brings Jesus ‘to life’ so to speak. We encounter a loving, generous and extravagant God at the Cana wedding giving an incredible blessing as a demonstration of the good God that he is! Reading a few verses down, we see Jesus angered that his Father’s house of prayer has become ‘a den of robbers’. We witness Jesus’ unparalleled love and passion for the Father here. Finally we are reminded, quite simply, that Jesus is God with all knowledge that reaches to the very depths of our hearts!
– It seems significant that Jesus would choose a wedding to commence his ministry, doesn’t it? It isn’t the first time we see marriage in scripture (Israel’s covenant marriage with God; Hosea’s prophetic marriage) and neither will it be the last. Like the first of two bookends, John 2 is mirrored by Revelation 19 where a final marriage will take place between the Lamb and His Bride (the church). Jesus coming in the flesh to reconcile us to God began at a wedding and, at the very end of time, he will return again to claim His Bride.

Prayers from Chapter 2

We love You, Jesus and struggle to take You in because you’re so vast and unpredictable! We know You’re a miracle-working God and we want to see Your power like this in our lives, in the Nations, at street level where people are hurting. Thank you that you are a passionate Bridegroom, that we can feel secure as Your bride!
We pray that, unlike the Pharisees and Jewish leaders who couldn’t understand the things that you said because of spiritual blindness, that we’d see you and understand your ways in our lives!

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