Look at the Lamb

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Look at the Lamb (Day 20)

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Day 20 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 20

Verses 1-10: Mary Magdalene was distraught with grief and couldn’t sleep so she goes to be as near to Jesus as she thinks she can. Even being near to a dead Jesus is surely better than no Jesus at all. But the stone rolled away and an empty tomb? Mary’s anxious mind first jumps to further insult to injury rather than a miracle of God in her midst. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 18)

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Day 18 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 18

Verses 1-14: Two gardens are separated by a dark valley – sound familiar? Jesus leads His men from the scene of the Vine discourse, through the Kidron Valley, to the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus would be arrested. It was a place that the company often went to because Judas knew it well (verse 2). The betrayer Iscariot led a detachment of Roman Soldiers to their secret lair, complete with weapons and torches. It was night time and they evidently expected a fight. (see verse 36). (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 17)

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Day 17 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 17

Verses 1-5: It’s good to continue to hear the echo of 16:33 as we start with 17:1 because this unique window into Jesus’ prayer life starts with,

After Jesus *said this*, he looked towards heaven and prayed…

The ‘said this’ is of course the knock-out verse from the previous verse and chapter,

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

This short section teaches us to have a faith-filled confidence in the completed work of Christ when we approach God in prayer, a victory that demolishes any trouble that Satan, or any evil group, can muster. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 3)

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Day 3 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 3

Verses 1-21: I’m guessing that Jesus’ clearing of the temple courts in chapter 2 would have been during the heat of the day and the penetrating Jerusalem sunlight. By contrast, chapter three opens at night-time when darkness and cold temperatures would have been the silent backdrop. Think! Nicodemus would have been able to actually see Jesus’ breath in the cold air as He taught about the limitless life of the Breath of the Spirit and the ‘blowing’ of the Wind of the Kingdom. (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Intro & Day 1)


Introduction to Look at the Lamb

In John Stott’s The Incomparable Christ, Jesus was studied with reference to His four different portraits painted from the varying eye-witness accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Whereas some point questioningly to the differences of the gospel ‘portraits’, as ‘discrepancies’, Stott instead likens the rich variations captured by each portrait to the way that light is refracted beautifully through a diamond – i.e. we should be in awe of the variety, and grateful, not suspicious. (more…)

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*New Series* Look at the Lamb

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Starting tomorrow for the next 21 days, why not track with Mairi and me through the 21 chapters of John’s 4K Ultra HD focus on Jesus?

Taking a chapter a day and briefly reflecting on what John saw and recorded of Jesus, “Look at the Lamb” will encourage love and desire for God.

It’ll be kind of like an online bible study for three weeks leaning in to what John the Baptist shouted in 1:29: to *behold* the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Dip in and out or track with me for the full 21 days but let’s look again, a little bit harder, at our beautiful Jesus