What do you think about denomination? Here’s the fifth VLOG in the Body Zero series accompanying the groundbreaking book of the same title. You can buy the book here and view the videos here


With the inner sanctums of the Church of England meeting this week, for God-only-knows-what, invitations are now welcome for appropriate ICHABOD-related acronyms of SYNOD. I’ve decided to keep it squeaky-clean and go with: Stop Your Nonsense Of Doctrine I’m pleased to announce that in a few months time I will be able to publish aContinue reading “#SYNOD”

The Political Right and the Kingdom of God

Where We’ve Been Living Here in the UK, we’ve been living  of late in a barely-believable world of political and humanitarian drama. This has included the refugee crisis that’s come close to our shores via the Calais Jungle and multiplied thousands who have drowned at sea in attempts to make it to Europe via theContinue reading “The Political Right and the Kingdom of God”