Time Is Ticking Away

This image distresses me. Thousands of people doing life under a ticking clock. Every second is precious; every moment a possibility. Jesus loves you. He suffered, was rejected, scorned, tortured and pulped beyond human likeness; he was crucified for you and then He rose again…for you. History confirms His presence and His life; His crucifixion was utterly undeniable at the time, whether Roman, Gentile or Jew. Listen to me – Jesus Christ either was who He said He was or He was nothing. Don’t believe the crap about Him being some kind of “decent fellow” or, perhaps, a “prophet” as the Muslims would maintain; no-one offends and divides the world for claiming to be that. Jesus was killed because He claimed to be God and the world of Islam lies through its teeth to you when they deny that’s what Jesus claimed. Their “jesus” is a demonic lie not a different POV. Read the gospel of John for yourself this Easter. Either CHRIST, the Messiah, was who He said He was, or He wasn’t. Judge the Bible – the scriptures – for yourself: was Jesus Christ evidently a mad person? (He was a bit mental) or clearly a bad person? (He knew what He was doing and that He was a Counterfeit). There’s no way that the portrayal of Jesus in the Bible is even close to the mad or bad option. This is why C.S.Lewis (the former, fierce atheist) eventually conceded that Christ must have been the real deal. Think about Narnia and about Aslan and about Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy. Think about Paul of Tarsus before he met the real Jesus. Please don’t dismiss or reject Him; the biblical manuscripts (though with epic bad press these days) are unparalleled in their historicity and reliability. Check it. All manner of narratives conspire against this HISTORICAL fact and a plethora of cultural “progressions” today seek singularly to undermine the Word of God, again, including the world of Islam that is of the devil. Check for yourself; I plead with you. How can all things be true? How can all roads lead to heaven? They can’t. Absolute truth today is about as unpopular as #Brexit, but it’s a reality nonetheless. “There must be more than this!”…there assuredly is!


Much love, NF

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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