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Introducing: God’s Green Room


Last year I wrote and submitted a book proposal with several UK and US publishers for a fresh book on prayer which is currently in the process of being edited and re-worked. It’s a book for millennial young people and young believers about radical prayer – so it’ll be fresh & original though I’m sure I’ll be brushing up on my semi-colon usage 😉 (more…)

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With Us (Live & Extended)


We all know what it’s like to feel black and blue – battered by life, beaten up and bruised by stuff that we go through along our journey of faith. Sometimes we feel like we’re on our knees and that God’s no-where to be found. But He always comes through for us, and, whether we feel Him near or not, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

My prayer for you watching this is that you would know the presence of Jesus with you wherever you’re currently at, whether mountain or valley, and that faith would arise in your heart that the very real, living and all-powerful Comforter is with you as you listen and sing your own new song.

The extended track with a powerful spontaneous “You’ve saved our souls, You’ve healed our hearts, You’ve helped our minds, You are the Christ” section at the end can be listened to by clicking on the link under the video


*apologies for technical issues we had on the night with vocal monitoring (this is very much “live”)



Smudged Scriptures

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My Dad, before he retired, was a Civil Engineer. If ever there was a major road development scheme or bridge-building project (a literal one) in Torbay where we used to live, he would most likely be on site making sure everything was going to plan. (more…)

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Sirens and Buses


I’m approaching the end of a year at Holy Trinity Richmond serving as worship pastor, come September. The time for Mairi and I has been a cultural shock in many ways but mainly of adjusting to the relentless busyness of living in London….going to bed with the sounds of sirens and buses…waking up to the sounds of sirens and buses.