Introducing: God’s Green Room

Last year I wrote and submitted a book proposal with several UK and US publishers for a fresh book on prayer which is currently in the process of being edited and re-worked. It’s a book for millennial young people and young believers about radical prayer – so it’ll be fresh & original though I’m sure I’ll be brushing up on my semi-colon usage 😉 IMG_1408

As part of the already-lengthy process of writing this book, I have found God weaving into the fabric of my daily thought-life two main things: firstly, the reality that, because He literally dwells in us by His Spirit, we are able to pray ‘on all occasions’ (Ephesians 6:18), meaning that we can pray when we’re about to stand up and do a presentation at work when we’re uber nervous, or when we’re about to have a difficult conversation with someone where conflict might occur, or when we feel prompted to go and chat to a stranger on the street to share the gospel. We can pray on all occasions. As Ann Vos Kamp says,

“Praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing”

Secondly, that, while this is true, Jesus shows us time and time again that prayer is supposed to be more of an al fresco, Continental, full-on, ten-course feast to savour (See Psalm 63) than it is a McDonald’s drive through for our convenience.

Yet spending lengthy, lingering, lonely, time with God in prayer is often as anti-intuitive and anti-cultural as it gets for us which should provoke and shock us deeply because prayer remains the most vital and urgent priority we can have for our health and fruitfulness – personally and as the church. We all need His grace to be the prayer-ers and lovers we should be to lead a lost generation into the heart’s true home.


That’s what God’s Green Room is about; that’s what I’ll be writing about and introducing in 2015. You can follow @GodsGreenRoom for updates and information and, seriously, please do drop ideas and thoughts including where I still haven’t understood semi-colon usage.



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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

8 thoughts on “Introducing: God’s Green Room

  1. Hey – lying in bed, can’t sleep, and the thought comes to me that often when I meet with others who know Jesus (whether ‘intentionally’ or ‘purely’ socially, if those distinctions are valid) we often don’t pray together, even if we do discuss God/faith/life, etc. I’m suddenly challenged as I realise that all too often we meet, converse and separate, all the while totally ignoring the real presence in and with us of the most important person in and outside the universe, moreover, the person we would claim meant more to us than any other – even if we may talk about him! ‘How rude’! I’m even more challenged to think that every time I meet someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus, he is there, waiting for me to introduce him…

    1. Great thought – it’s as Misty Edwards sings about “not waning to talk about Him as though He’s not in the room”. Our schitzophrenic mis-match between what we say we believe and the way we live….

  2. Spot on Callaghan and Misty Edwards. Someone pointed out to me a while ago that Job’s comforters talk about God while Job talks to God. Ironically I’m working on a sermon on prayer for Sunday and have just realised I need to seriously… er… pray. #HowSlowIAm

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