Jesus Weeps Then He Whips


Thank you for your time listening to Into the Pray and prayerfully considering what you’re hearing here. If you think we’re wrong or missing something, please feel free to get in touch and show us from the Bible.

Jesus Weeps Then He Whips

Today is Nick’s birthday and, as such, here is a brief teaching from Luke 19 (focussing on vv41-44) that’s intended to be a gift to the listener, much like it would be to bring a cake into the office:

This is what we see, this is what we believe and this is why we can’t be part of anything corporately until the mainstream Church confesses the chronic symptom of its unfaithfulness seen by the shoehorning of repentance into the most precious idol of all: man-centred christianity.

A logo-displaying, self-preening “day of repentance” is a contradiction in terms and a stench in the nostrils of God. God is not calling us to repent about abortion; He is calling us to repent.  

Jesus wept then He whipped.

Ich weiss nicht. 

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Let’s break some more ice. 

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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