My Response to Health & Truth’s Videos

I’m refreshed to a point by Health & Truth’s recent videos including this 6 minute video yesterday here.

But I’m also concerned that this isn’t good enough to steer us out of our corporate chaos as the filthy Bride of Christ and, more than likely therefore, will be unhelpful for many people who are sincere in faith.


  1. To the undiscerning ear, the contents of Health & Truth’s video sound bang-on (and I think generally are) but also reveal a sticking point that will perpetuate the chaos of the Church.
  2. Therefore, subliminally perhaps for some more than others, this is dangerous if the goal is to hear His shepherding voice.
  3. You can’t call for “reformation in the Church” while quipping that, “this isn’t the time for reinventing church”. This is classic anti-anti-establishment rhetoric and not in keeping with the desperation of true repentance.
  4. Of course the Lord doesn’t want us to reinvent church as much as to discover what the church/congregation/ekklesia was always meant to be…and that we have strayed from a long, long time ago. Tyndale burnt at the stake for this word. More importantly, Christ died on a Roman tree for the sheer joy and delight of it.
  5. The right-sounding call to action of this video is betrayed most by the gross over-simplification posited as solution to the chaos of the Church: a straightforward question of “submitting to a man of God who is standing on the word of God.”
  6. Why does this betray this particular call to repent? Because this peculiar type of man, this type of faithful Christian leader, is so few and far and between that virtually no one can do that even if they wanted to. Are people helped by telling them what they can not do? What is everyone to do – relocate to Aberdeen?
  7. No, until we acknowledge that there has been a colossal death and dearth of spiritual authority throughout our land, that our problem is bigger than we ever thought, we will not repent as we should.
  8. This kind of thinking (that one must simply submit to a man or even plurality of elders and then all will be hunky dory) is a gross failure to recognise how disruptive the national repentance needs to be for the church to be considered faithful once again.
  9. “Repentance” that doesn’t acknowledge the historic and inherited, contradictory and confused idolatry of denomination, is NOT repentance of the Holy Spirit.
  10. “Repentance” that abuses the Holy Spirit by considering eschatology as ‘pontificating irrelevance’ is not repentance; it is slight against the Name.
  11. Repentance that does not call for the Church to repent of neglecting this primal MARANATHA call above all things, is not repentance.

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