Resist the Wench


A sobered disciple

Yesterday I quoted Paul’s words at the end of 1 Corinthians 9 on a post from what I thought was a young Christian’s Instagram account.

I’ve followed the account for years, engaged with it often and appreciated the content.

However, in offering Paul’s words as a perfectly reasonable compliment to the post in question, (instead of a brainless emoji 🤡 ) it resulted in Jezebel raising her very ugly, manipulative and controlling mug from within the page’s wider community.

When the Bible is regarded by “believers” as “unnecessary commentary”, when “believers” slap “christian” lingo over their entrepreneurial endeavours but then get all offended when the Bible addresses stuff, Houston, we know that we have a major problem…hence this new season on our Into the Pray podcast.

Resist the wench with the rebuke of the Lord

Gents especially, be wary of the Jezebel spirit lurking behind seemingly affable “spiritual” content. It is a potent reality that specialises in the incognito/behind-the-scenes world of tarted-up religious activity. It wants to slaughter the prophetic spirit and render you a quivering, depressed mess of a man who apologises for any possible form of spiritual offence that your life will cause. (See 1 Kings 18-19, Matthew 11:12 & Revelation 19:10)

Beloved, Like Elijah, we must resist the foul wench with the rebuke of the Lord.

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