The Danger of Kenosis

Calling Yeshua will be available in a few days from the date of this publication.

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Kenosis may be more obviously heretical in some church camps (or at specific times) than in others but it remains an intimidating root of error whether ‘in your face’ or lurking more incognito. It impacts everything and is also interconnected to other theological error.

The specific danger of kenosis for many people is in its apparent reasonableness. The related ideas behind the “little gods” error easily appear solid (notice this specific tactic in the work of Satan since Eden) which is part of the reason it takes on a spiritually-charged life of its own. 

But is kenosis (and the emphases it spawns) really watertight when scrutinised in light of the wider counsel of Scripture? Regardless of our personal feelings about Bethel and Bill Johnson, this is the only question we should all be asking.

When we read and faithfully study the Bible, it is clear enough for a child to understand that the sovereignty of God is a central doctrine (core teaching) for living a faithful life as a besotted Christian disciple, (that several people in this thread attack as being “religious” and even extraneous). 

The heresy of kenosis skews the wider teaching of the Bible by seeking to strip Yahweh of His essential, unchanging nature. This is obviously blasphemy.

Christian leaders, church cultures/movements that major on man rather than on God are always in error. 

Of course we have the new life/covenant of the Spirit! But this is not license to neglect the beautiful fundamentals. BJ and DF neglect the sovereignty of God as though it was an out-of-date aspect of a bygone era!

Finally, if the wording of something is controversial and easily misunderstood (as several supporters of BJ/Bethel have conceded in this YouTube thread above), Christian leaders and teachers have the specific responsibility to make things clear. They are eternally accountable before Jesus for this.

Why then is this “little gods” teaching in this “re-discover BETHEL” video still shrouded in such utter ambiguity and ambivalence? Why are these senior leaders unable or unwilling to clearly explain the sovereignty of God to the masses (from the Bible) without reducing it to a childish meme? Why are people like me repeatedly told to visit Bethel to learn whether or not their theology is sound – why is a physical trip to Bethel so vitally necessary? What about the millions who are physically unable to visit? Do they not deserve clarity also?

Christian theological orthodoxy should be being made manifestly clear in Bethel’s video…supposedly it’s the whole point of their new series!

When you do a little work on Google/YouTube for yourself and witness this “little gods” heresy given full-vent by the likes of Duplantis and Copeland and Dollar, it is the most disgusting “theology” you are ever likely to hear.

And it obviously remains exactly the same “theology” regardless of the packaging given to it.

It is blasphemy.

Calling Yeshua will be available in a few days from the date of this publication.

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3 thoughts on “The Danger of Kenosis

    1. If you’re meaning that you’re not sure what “Calling Yeshua” has to do with kenosis, you’ll have to wait and see when it’s released in a week or so. Otherwise, the YouTube video I’ve embedded in this blog will clarify.

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