Eagerly Desiring the Gift of Prophecy

The second episode of the second season of the Into the Pray podcast is now available!

Our second season is called “Work for Reformers” and we trust it will be provocative, helpful and encouraging for all of you wanting to get real re following Jesus.

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Listen to this week’s episode here

Maranatha, N&M x

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

2 thoughts on “Eagerly Desiring the Gift of Prophecy

  1. Hi Nick & Mairi Enjoyed your discussion on Prophecy. Sadly so many churches here in Australia have shut down this gift and others which are precious gifts of Holy Spirit.

    1. Hi Val & Norrie! It is indeed very sad. Reading Ephesians 1 though this morning and thinking about His plan for the fullness of time to redeem all things…including this especially important gift that He longs to give & see used…

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